5 Essential things to keep in mind while choosing a best transcription service

Thinking of utilizing Transcription service for your business but have you ever wonder how to choose the best transcription service? There are 5 Essential things to keep in mind while choosing a best transcription service. So today let us break down all the important points that would be helpful to get you a great transcription service for your business.

Have you ever thought about the future of transcription and why it is important for you to know this? So let us tell you that transcription is almost everywhere and has a great contribution in every field. According to a survey conducted by the International Market, the transcription industry will be touching $4 Billion by 2022.

So I think this should also be a great reason for you to consider transcription services for your business.

5 Essential things to keep in mind while choosing a best transcription service

The 5 Important things to keep in mind while choosing the best transcription service are Cost, Speed, Accuracy, Security, Mobile App and Manual Alternative.

  1. The Cost (should be Affordable)
  2. Accuracy and Audio Quality
  3. How Secured the Whole Process is?
  4. Speed (Should have great Turnaround Time)
  5. Mobile Apps and Alternative

1. The Cost (should be Affordable)

The cost of transcription service depends on the company and its facilities that they are providing during the service to the customer. Sometime it can be cheap and somewhere it can be expensive. The rate is counted as per minute, per hour and many more factor for example:

If the transcription service charges $1 per minute, then the charge that the customer would be paying to the organization after a 30min session would be $30. There are various factors affects the transcription service charge.

Several Factors on which the cost depends:

 Type of Work

 Industry Trends

 Industry Related Practices

 Jargon Usage

 Work Complexity

 Turnaround Time

 Audio/Video Quality

 Hybrid Technology

 Accent

 Clarity of Voice

 Background Noise

 Special Formatting Request Outsourcing Services

2. Accuracy and Audio Quality

When we talk about transcription service we cannot ever compromise with the quality and accuracy. The modern transcription services are very accessible.

While choosing a transcription service keep this things in your mind:

 The level of accuracy should be 98% or more and make sure you learn about how they are ensuring you the guarantee of such a great accuracy.

 The quality of the audio plays a vital role in getting accurate transcript. Kindly ensure to record the audio in a silent ambience.  

3. How Secured the Whole Process is?

There should be no chances of any carelessness when you are talking about the security. The transcription services are used by some of the industries who are required to keep their information confidential so there would be no chance of leakage of information from anywhere.

For your assured security, we are here with our trusted transcription services by the customer the Transcription US gives you the guarantee of the protection for your data. Also, we make

sure that we maintain a policy of disclosure about your project. We provide transcription service in more than 20+ languages.

4. Speed (should have great Turnaround Time)

TAT is the time measured from the starting when the transcriptionist obtain the digital audio file to the time a complete transcript is handed to the individual who had give the data. There are several factors on which the speed of the transcription process depends:

 Audio Quality

 Number Of Speakers

 Heavy Accents

 Topic Of Discussion

 Typing Speed

 Verbatim

 Timestamps

 Formatting

5. Mobile Apps and Alternative

Try to find a way where the transcription service provider can give an app facility where you can use it as a digital voice recorder and can also order for transcript of the recording from the mobile.

This feature let you view the entire transcript on your mobile device.

But in case they cannot provide any mobile app there is always an alternative and that is manual transcriptions here you listen to the recording and write down whatever you hear.


If you are searching for a secure, speedy, and accurate transcription service who would give you 98% accuracy and highest priority to the customer feel free to contact us. Our main motto is to have satisfied customers all over the world.

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