How PTCB Practice Tests Make an Impact While Taking Up the Exam

Are you aspiring to be a pharmacy technician? Then the PTCB exam is the first step toward the great milestone. You need a test that will assess your level of knowledge so you can know the areas to improve on before the exam.

Taking a PTCB practice test is a major step to take to ensure your success on the exam. The PTCB practice test is an online test that is set to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam. It’s also called the Pharmacy certification practice test.

The Importance of a PTCB Practice Test

Writing a PTCB online practice test is a beneficial way to prepare for the exam. This means that PTCB practice tests can aid you in identifying areas where you need to take extra time to study. The complete testing time is an hour, and fifty minutes to finish four sections.

Pharmacy certification practice tests allow the candidate to become familiar with the exam style. They also get the knowledge needed to pass the exam. It’s meant to supplement your study routine.  

Exposing yourself to similar content in different formats can help you hold in the information better. It increases your performance on exam day. That’s the goal of taking  free PTCB practice test

How to Study for the PTCB Online Practice Test?

Irrespective of how tough an exam can be, the right test preparation makes the difference. Here is everything you need to know to be pharmacy tech-test day ready. This also serves as how to study for the PTCB exam.

1. Concentrate on Usually Prescribed Drugs

The goal is to be certain you have the knowledge to handle day-to-day work in a pharmacy. This includes administering plenty of the same drugs. So when studying, don’t stay on the wide formulas, focus on the usually prescribed medicine.

2. Ensure Your Math Skills Are Well-founded

Various PTCB practice quizzes have to do with conversions, principles, plus calculations. Master math inside out, so you will be able to solve them seamlessly.

3. Get and Use Flashcards

There are many in-depth languages pharmacy technicians must know. You will need to study them with the aid of a pack of flashcards. 

4. Have a Study Time

Life in itself is busy. You either create a study timetable or have no time to study. Schedule study time into your calendar. This is to ensure that you study adequately and religiously before taking the test.

5. Study All the Handbooks

Pharmacy texts and handbooks out there that focus on drugs are many. You also get the ones on procedures and regulations. Study them letter-by-letter, mark the difficult parts, and do research to understand them.

6. Plan In-Between Breaks

Studying drug names and formulas may make you go nuts. You need short breaks to relax. Create a little rest time to get your mind off the test.

7. Practice Always

The number of PTCB practice tests taken can never get too much. The more you write, the more questions you’ll be shown that might be on the exam. 

Who is the PTCB Exam Meant for?

The PTCB exam is created for those who wish to become certified pharmacy technicians. It includes 90 total questions where there are 80 scored questions and 10 unscored questions. Examinees won’t know which exam questions are scored or unscored.

The PTCB exam can be written by pharmacy technicians who are active in the field or those who are just beginning their careers. The PTCB exam is also taken by those who want to advance their education in the field of pharmacy. 

The unscored questions may show up in any section. It takes two hours for the exam to be completed – five minutes tutorial, one hour and fifty minutes exam, plus a five-minute post-exam survey. 

The four sections found on the exam are Medications which are thirty-two scored questions. Federal Requirements which carries ten scored questions. Patient Safety and Quality Assurance which are twenty-one scored questions. Order Entry and Processing which carries seventeen scored questions.

Handy Pharmacy Technician Tips for You

Pharmacy technician tips are things you have to keep in mind every day you find yourself behind the counter. Below are some tips.

1. Plan Ahead for Long Shifts

Technician hours differ, but more technicians find themselves working long shifts every day. To survive a shift at the pharmacy, you need a sound mind and good footwear.

2. Be Good at Administrative Tasks

Technicians who verify dosages can be able to perform almost every other task in the pharmacy. You will need to do tasks like typing, filling, and inventory management, learn to train new hires and handle scheduling.

3. Know Your Yielding Point

Being a confident, qualified, and dedicated pharmacy technician doesn’t mean you’re superhuman. It’s important to remember that you simply can’t do it all even as a medical hero.

4. Look Out for Any Medication Errors

Every pharmacy has a series of checks and balances to cut down the chance of medication errors. If the proper procedures are observed, mistakes will be rare. When any error is made, it should be quickly communicated to the pharmacist, the patient, and others involved.

5. Get Better With Time Management

Find ways to effectively improve your productivity without getting bogged down by your workload. Sometimes, you may need to pair tasks and assign the rest to others.

6. Count Drugs Smartly

Discover useful ways to count drugs quickly to increase your efficiency at work. However, don’t do it at the expense of accuracy. The reasons why you should be smart when counting drugs so you can be fast but safe.

7. Those You Are Handling Our Patients

When in a rush you might forget that the customers at the counter are patients. You’re meeting people under less ideal circumstances. Do your best to embrace your service skills and meet their needs with care.

9. Keep Learning

The world of pharmaceuticals never stays on a spot. This is why you should upgrade your knowledge. Learn from your co-workers, your supervisors, and even your patients. Absorb anything that you can while you are in your workplace.


Becoming a certified pharmacy technician is a great feat but you have to conquer the PTCB exam. Knowing what to expect and the best way to prepare for the exam is achieved with practice tests. This can guarantee that you are ready for the exam.

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