How to boost sales with audio transcription services

At the heart of every business is how it can boost its sales and increase revenues. Sales conversion is what drives the operations of any business; it could as well be the holy grail of every company. The biggest tool that is available to marketing managers and teams for increasing their effectiveness is audio transcription services. Audio transcription services deal with converting audio and video content into text, which is easily readable and very accessible.

Increased digital media consumption by customers has pushed corporate companies and small businesses to the brink, forcing them to continuously innovate new ways of engaging and interacting with the customers. Social media pages, landing pages, blogs, and websites have become the initial point of sale for most businesses. Impeccable marketers have, therefore, taken it upon themselves to keep ahead of their competition by using audio transcription services.

Business transcription services have significant advantages when it comes to improving sales for businesses, key among them increasing visibility through SEO ranking, improved backlinking, improved content consumption for audiences, increased accessibility and reach, and better market research. In light of this is why, as an entrepreneur, you need to start considering using audio transcription services for your business to get ahead. Let us delve further into these advantages and break it down. Read on to the end to discover the big bonus tip.

Increase search engine ranking by using audio transcription Services

Before a customer makes a sale, they need to discover your business. They do this by seeing your business information on a search engine once they have keyed in their search. Search engines have loads and loads of video and audio content uploaded on them by the minute. Therefore, visibility is a challenge for a lot of businesses. Google bots do not rank for video and audio content. However, they do rank text, and this is where online transcription services come in. Transcribing your video product demonstrations and podcast will prove very helpful in increasing your SEO rankings on search engines. Your audio and video transcripts will contain keywords that will allow search engines to rank your website for those particular keywords and therefore drive traffic to your site, leading to increased visibility and more sales.

Amplify your accessibility and business reach by taking advantage of audio transcription services

According to the World Health Organization, 5% of the world’s population (466 million people) suffer from hearing impairment. Did you know that 80% of the world’s population are non-English speakers? I bet you have not included this enlightening information in your marketing strategy. Audio transcription services can help you reach this audience. Including video transcripts and subtitles in your content will ensure that this audience can engage with your content. This will potentially increase your sales by a significant margin. Including multiple languages in your content will provide a higher ranking of your website in other dialects. Business transcription services can quickly help you get numerous language transcripts.

Improve content consumption by utilizing audio transcription services

Most marketers create and push out a lot of video content without giving a lot of thought about the end-user. Consumers want to have excellent user experience as they engage with content. Including audio transcripts in your videos is the key to unlocking engagement with your existing consumers. Including audio transcripts in your videos enables consumers to track along. Audiences who cannot also access audio due to situational circumstances, e.g., a person at work, a student in the library, a passenger in a public means of transport, are still able to follow along with a video even without sound. Audio transcription services help increase appeal with these types of audiences. Constant engagement is essential when it comes to meeting sales objectives.

Develop back-links utilizing audio transcription services

You can add external links in transcribed text. Come to think about it. If you interview a person, you can link their website in your transcripts and therefore cross-promote each other’s platform. This will result in shared audiences, therefore, more sales.

BONUS TIP: Carry out better market research by transcribing sales pitches using audio transcription services

Audio transcription services can help you develop better and more quality leads. This is the biggest trick of the trade when it comes to boosting sales performance through the use of online transcription services. Sales pitches involve calling potential customers and are prevalent in every marketing department. Transcribing these calls avails invaluable data to marketers like your company name, the name of your potential customer/client, and their telephone number. Sales transcripts also provide a valuable source for follow-up action. Besides, sales transcripts help you to judge the quality of your calls and therefore improve your sales tactics. Sales transcripts provide insightful information about the client’s preferences, and this can help you prepare better sales strategies.

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