How to Choose the Best Transcription Service Online

Best Transcription Service Online

Best transcription service online come in a wide range of forms, providing products that differ in turnaround times, in pricing, in quality, and in customer support. In this piece, you will learn the most common models for online interview transcription, best online transcription services, and transcription service online. Hopefully, this little piece but useful bit of literature will help you to get audio transcribed and ensure an impressive transcript finds its way into its hands!

Different Types of Best Transcription Services Online

There are many online interview transcription and different online transcription service in this digital world. Many options that each different business offers – it is a good idea to consider these factors when submitting your audio and video files for online transcription. While there is a massive range of different types of transcription companies, generally, each company fits into one of the following categories.

In-house Transcription

In-house transcription companies usually offer best transcription services online as they’re often staffed by native English speakers like the company of ours. Keep in mind that it’s hard to tell unless you test their services (some companies say they’re ‘in-house’). These companies don’t have issues with large amounts of audio, cheap transcription services prices, and customers must often book in advance – using a queuing method or something similar. Merits of online interview transcription are:

1. knowing the cost of the transcript – customers have to request quotes, type in lots of information, etc.

2. These companies are just online businesses with a website, meaning you will not often need to complete complicated paperwork.

3. Do you like paying via credit card or Paypal? Yeah, me too! Unfortunately, these companies often require standard bank transfer – something to consider.

4. Customer support. There is 24/7 customer support for the customer because of its online based company. Customer can make an inquiry through the FAQ session.

5. Uncomplicated pricing – it doesn’t take a significant amount of time to finish the online payment.

6. Sometimes the turnaround times can be several weeks – which is fine as long as you want best transcription service online.

Outsourced Transcription Services

Outsourced transcription company is an entity, a business, and a company and whenever they receive an order from a client, they  give it to their best staff for an outstanding and best transcription services to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, all the staffs are well trained and equipped with adequate knowledge but of different section. Staff in charge of business transcription can’t be given medical transcription for perfection. These services can provide great level of quality for transcripts that have straightforward audio:  more than one speaker, without background noise, technical terms, and much more. They can provide an online transcription service quality on more challenging audio. Outsourced companies do provide quality transcripts consistently. And most of these companies appoint native English speakers to provide best transcription service and maintain 98% accuracy or higher. Below are the merits with outsourced online transcriptions companies:

1. Upfront pricing based on the clients requirements. You can get estimate for huge projects in advance.

2. Well defined turnaround time.

3. Paying through PayPal or Credit card.

4. Consistency with names, technical terms, anything that requires researching, etc.

5. Quality assurance and excellent customer support.

Crowd-Sourced Online Transcription Services

Recently, Crowd-sourced transcription service online has become more popular. This service involves posting audio in the public realm for Crowd-sourced transcribers to transcribe. In short, crowd-sourced transcription company can vastly reduce their costs by chopping audio into teensy weensy pieces; usually one to five minutes, and passing it to many different people to transcribe. Once their staffs or assigned staff completed a bit of your transcription, computer software collects the small chunks, piece it back together and hands it back to you. This best online transcription service program is very sophisticated and has a quick method of transcribing a vast amount of material. However, the customer loses out on privacy and quality:

1. Your audio is public which describe how best your online transcription service is – anyone in the world can listen to it (anyone can, and anyone does – because hundreds of transcribers have to check if they can take on the work by listening to it.) with people listen to your audio globally shows the authenticity of the transcription service online.

2. The transcribers often have little different styles, so punctuation, spelling, and grammar, etc. differ between transcription service online sections of the same end transcription

3. One thing about online interview transcription is that you don’t know who your transcribers are! For instance, usually the transcribers aren’t required to be native-English speakers, bad transcription issues can be mostly avoided with proper training and experience, but at some point, the language barrier will show through in the final transcript

4. There is mutual agreement made with transcribers regarding your audio file(s), but the result is always the best. That’s what leads to the best online transcription services.

5. Generally, small quality customer service and support. The company taking your money is not the company doing the transcripts. This means the customer is asking questions to someone who isn’t transcribing their material. The result? Confusion, annoyance, and time-wasting.


Best online transcription services exist in a very complicated and competitive world. There is so much range, so many choices and – unfortunately – prices do not always mean quality. Customers should make it their goal to go after a company that not only provides an exceptional, quality online transcription service but that provide best transcription services online. They should hand-pick transcribers in different time-zones so that they can complete as much work as needed, while still maintaining the quality that occurs as a result of having native-English transcribers who are following a strict style guide! It can be hard to find, but believe me when I say there are companies out there that have an editing team that are passionate about English and they love spell-checking, QA and proofreading.

Of course, pricing matters. Find a transcription service that offers quick turnarounds – the next day or by the end of the week. Make sure they’re competitive and find someone whose number one focus is customer support. You’d be surprised how many transcription companies DON’T reply to all emails 24/7, usually within a few minutes.

I wish you all the best transcription service online in finding the transcription service that best meets your needs. Don’t be discouraged by the range of options – look for an honest business with transparent pricing, that gives you an excellent transcription, when you want it.

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