How to leverage audio transcription to boost your online presence

Business organizations need to keep an account of their communications and rely on different modes to decrypt pieces of information. Whether it is gathering information from conference calls or other keynote speeches, it is helpful for business organizations to obtain a detailed written account of information for reference. Taking notes is not enough. You need more efficient services and this is where the transcription services come in. The professional transcribers will offer much more detailed and accurate information from all sorts of audio or video files. Transcribers will offer a much more accurate account than someone who is just taking notes. The reason is they can go back to checking the audio recording as many times as they want to make sure that the transcript is optimally accurate. 

Transcripts of the audio and video content will improve content marketing and SEO efforts. When the different forms of media, the podcasts, videos, and webinars are transcribed with one’s content, the quick SEO benefits become evident. Providing professional transcription services will improve the indexing and searchability of the audio-visual content through search engines. Along with the SEO benefits, the transcripts also improve the accessibility of the content for those individuals that have hearing or visual issues. You can repurpose transcripts into slide presentations, social media posts and news articles. 

When it comes to audio transcriptions, you can easily store them, access them quickly and search faster. It is highly likely that a person can mishear. But the chances of a person misreading any content are low because you can go through content as many times as you want without spending too much time. People prefer audio transcription because they can return to the information at any time they want. Also, written material is easy to load on a computer or a device. It can be accessed by a wider audience than audio or a video file. Now that we have mentioned about the benefits of video and audio transcription from professionals, in the following section of the blog, we are going to share the different ways in which transcription services can be leveraged for enhancing the online presence. 

How to use audio transcription services for boosting online presence

Being professional transcription service providers, we are here to provide all sorts of audio and video transcriptions as a part of your content strategy. We have got a complete workflow for transcribing audio files, bringing out quotes that you can use on social media contents and adding transcription for videos and blog posts. With proper on-page optimization techniques, it becomes easy for the SEO and content specialists to boost a web page or a social media post. Not only it helps in obtaining the attention of the target audience, but it also helps in linking a webpage to other important pages on the website through anchor text and content upgrades in the body of the content that is relevant to the post or file. 

With the help of professional audio transcription, we leverage transcripts from all the sources. This will help you in driving organic traffic to your website and enhance the accessibility of the podcast content. Apart from that, the professional transcription service will also help in repurposing the content to develop a first-person social media post. Thus, it will help a business manager or the owner to focus on the business. The audio and video files are transcribed into text and SRT files. Then the text file will appear under the video embedded on the blog. The SRT file is used for captions when the video is uploaded to different social media channels. 

One of the primary benefits of using audio transcription services is the audio files can be transcribed readable text. For instance, once an audio file is transcribed into a text file, you can use it in written content like blogs, articles, social media posts and any other form of written content. The primary search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing run an algorithm and use web crawlers for determining the “most searched” keyword. The websites are ranked according to the results where the “most searched” keyword has been used the maximum number of times without violating Google SEO policies. 

Capitalizing on the optimal long-term benefits 

Yes, the search engines are indeed getting more and more intelligent day by day. But they are still far from transforming the audio content into written content. Thus, it is important to opt for professional audio transcriber that can help you in availing accurate content to be used for optimizing your website. The major benefit of choosing audio or video transcription for SEO is hitting the long tail. Let us explain this. For instance, what happens when an audio or a video podcast covers a topic that has not been covered in any blog post or other supportive text? Or, what happens when people are searching for a spoken quotation instead of a written quotation?

Without proper transcription services, they will miss it. You can embed the transcribed content in your video blog where you can potentially drive more people to your website from organic search. It is especially helpful for those who are searching for something relevant to the video or the event at which you spoke. Audio transcription services are beneficial for multiple content marketing strategies. For instance, it is very important to create subtitles for videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. When subtitles are included, any individual with a hearing impairment can easily perceive the video. 

Also, the majority of the people on these social media platforms are online without their sound on. With a compelling first line, it becomes easier to draw more viewers into the video. Thus, it helps with search engine optimization. It will signal that the content of the video aligns with the title. It is highly likely that your content will rank for the keywords in the video title. Also, you can take the transcription from the video/audio files and convert them into website posts. It will drive additional traffic. In a lot of websites, you will see that a YouTube video is embedded within a blog post. It not only drives more traffic but it also increases the amount of time people spend on your website. 

Even if you are on a dial-up modem with 128 kbps, opening a transcript will take seconds. With an updated digital and readable record of your content, you can reach that section of the audience who wants to read about your content while listening to their favorite music. Thus, you ensure a wider consumption of the content that you are producing. With wider people, you avail more popularity! 

Not everyone can listen r watch your videos or podcasts. Apart from that, transcripts also help in adding an extra dimension, an extra option, thus, more power to people. Also, it ensures the listeners that you care about them enough to create subtitles and make things easier for them. Finally, there are a huge number of people that prefer to read instead of watch or listen. Thus, you will have their attention as well.

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