Top 3 Ways To Save Energy and Cut Back On Bills

Energy consumption and utility bills are directly related. Of course, everybody is aware of that fact. However, not a lot of people are aware of how much energy is consumed by certain electronic devices and appliances around the house. Here are 3 things that can help cut down on energy consumption, and in time cut down on utility bills as well. Some methods may require a significant investment to begin with, but their long-term benefits are phenomenal.

1.  Smart Thermostat

A better and an advanced version of a regular thermostat, smart thermostats were made to be energy-efficient. These devices are Wi-Fi enabled, and can be controlled directly from our smartphones, tablets and are also compatible with home Voice Assistants. It’s like a product from the future, except we are living in the future.

Depending on the model, each smart thermostat comes with its own mobile application that is downloaded, from where you have complete control of your home thermostat whether you’re at home or in another corner of the city. Yup, these thermostats can be controlled remotely, and not just that, but through voice commands for the ones that are compatible with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Living in the future makes sense, doesn’t it?

Smart thermostats control the temperature according to weather predictions as well as through their built-in motion sensors. That means they can automatically adjust the room temperature according to the forecast and even turn it off in a certain room if it doesn’t detect any movement for a certain time. And considering they can be controlled remotely too, you can easily check whether you turned off the thermostat on your way out in the morning.

This super convenient and super-smart technology is available at First Energy WV subsidiary First Energy Home’s website. There are plenty of options available, sporting different features and surely something that would suit your needs.

2.  Smart Lighting

We may not realize it but lights can be one main cause for energy consumption and higher utility bills. It is because very often people tend to leave the lights on accidentally, and though not by a very big chunk, lights do consume a certain level of electricity that could be the reason for a higher electricity bill.

Smart lights are a good option to replace the standard lights with, however, they do not come cheap. There is a reason why they are considered an investment, because the return is in the form of reduced electricity consumption and a lower electric bill. 

Similar to smart thermostats, smart lights are also Wi-Fi-enabled with their own mobile application and can be compatible with Voice Assistants too. Some also feature motion sensors that control the functioning of the lights according to the movement around the area they are set in. And just like all smart devices, these too can be controlled remotely since you already have access through your smartphone app.

3.  Smart Landscaping and Construction

Other than purchasing smart devices for the home, there are other ways to combat the problem of excessive energy consumption.

Let’s take an example of a normal household. The temperature inside is affected by the weather outside, but this has some additional factors to it. For instance, sunlight can pass through windows and walls as well, if they aren’t insulated properly. This could make the house warmer on the inside and for your thermostat to consume more electricity in order to keep the room cooler during a hot summer day. But if there happened to be a tree planted outside that gives just the right amount of shade, it can block the direct sunlight and it would be faster to cool a room.

Certain elements of the home landscape and construction play a vital role in the consumption of energy, though it has a few gaps in the middle to fill out the argument. If at the time of making a house plan or during construction, energy-efficiency is put in the picture, things would be carried out a lot differently. It won’t require you to then invest heavily in energy-efficient home appliances to compensate.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous more ways to become more energy-efficient and in ways that reduce utility bills over time, but here are three ways you can begin with. Remember, these are considered investments because in the long term you not only do your part in being an environmentally-conscious citizen, but also see a reduction in utility bills over time.

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