What is involved when writing academic research papers?

If you want to write a good academic research paper especially for the first time, you may find it quite challenging. But little practice can make your work both effective and easy. 

We need to follow certain steps before writing any academic research paper.

What are the steps involved when writing academic research papers?

Basic preparation before writing a good academic research paper is a must. In the coming section, we will be explaining each and every step which is involved in writing a good academic research paper.

Understanding the Subject

Before starting to write, first select the area of research.  If you have any confusion you can take the help of your guide to choose the area. The area of research will help you finalize the topic

Pick a topic

Once you have selected your research area then narrow it down and choose a topic of your interest. Remember the topic should be researchable. 


After selecting a topic you should go deep in research. Refer to various sources like previously written papers, libraries, citations, online research, etc. You can also ask your guide for research materials on your topic. After collecting enough research material start documenting all the relevant information.

Prepare thesis

A thesis is a justification for your work. It is a short statement that explains the purpose of your research. Your thesis is what you actually want to prove through your research. It should be coherent and very concise.

Make an outline

The outline contains a list of key topics, evidence, and arguments that will be given in your paper. It is divided into sections, heading, and subheading, it provides a rough overview of your research paper as to how your academic research paper will look like.


Finally, it’s the time you had long been waiting for. Yes, writing a research paper. An Academic research paper contains mainly 3 parts. These are:

  • Introduction
  • Body 
  • Conclusion

You should write the research paper according to these sections.

Revise, Edit and Proofread

After completing the first draft you must revise or review your research paper to ensure that your paper is communicating your research work in a perfect manner- exactly as you want.

Final Thought

Thorough research, proper documentation, and perfect writing can make you a good academic research paper writer.

There are many Academic Custom Writing Services that can help you craft a good research paper. If you are not finding yourself competent enough to write a good research paper then you can use their professional services. 

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