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Rates for Typing Services

Rates for Typing Services

Transcription US offers typing services at the best rate in the market. We provide precise transcription, translation and typing services since 2013.

Rates for typing services or Manuscript Typing Rates set by most of the companies are exorbitant. However, we offer precise service at affordable rates.

Rates for typing services starts at $1.00 per page.

Manuscript Typing Rates

Rates for typing services generally based on the number of page or word. Most of the companies charge $3 to $10 per page for typing services. A page is defined as 350 words in length.

After some digging, we've come up with a starting price of $1 per page for typing services. And we found most of clients are happy with our rates for typing services. Especially the clients who need legal document typing services, document typing for the personal needs and the students who require typing assistance for their thesis found our pricing very helpful.

Rates for typing services set by us is very transparent and there is no hidden charges.

We do believe the rates for typing services set by our company is very affordable.

Rates for typing services
Typing without formatting $1/page (350 words)
Formatted page typing $2/page
Book typing $1/page
Handwritten manual typing $2/page
  • Things to Remember
Things to Remember
  • Minimum Order Cost $10
  • Output - Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • 5% transaction fee is applicable for all the orders
  • The Turnaround time is calculated from the time payment is made, not from the receipt of the document
  • Price may vary for handwritten manual typing based on the complexity
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