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Welcome to Transcription US, we provide Precise Transcription at Best Price.

We are a "one-stop shop" providing Online Transcription Services to your specific requirements. Transcription US is a leading provider of Audio Transcription Services to corporate businesses, insurance companies, entertainment firms, educational institutions, journalists, professors and students.

Our primary objective is to provide superior transcription services at affordable prices for all our clients.

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best transcription services in 2023
best transcription services in 2023

Best Transcription Services in 2024

Before 1970, transcription was really a difficult job, as secretaries had to type or write down the speech as they heard it using advanced skills, like shorthand. They also had to be at the location where the service was required. With the advanced technology of today, people can have almost anything transcribed very rapidly.

Best Transcription Services convert recorded oral speech into an electronic text document. We use 100% human transcribers in order to offer best transcription services. The converted transcript is very helpful in attracting visitors to your website and promoting your business.

Transcription US is one of the most desirable Transcription Service Providers owing to our dedicated team of skilled Transcribers. We are one of the very few who guarantees you of 98% accuracy and money back guarantee just in case you aren’t satisfied with our work.

While there are a number of companies that offer Online Transcription Services, getting better quality with better pricing is always a wise decision to take. We are dedicated to provide the best transcription services in 2024 at a fair price with great customer support.




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Human Transcription Services

Transcription US is the best and most precise transcription service provider and is well known for its accuracy and precision. If you’re looking for 100% Human Transcription Services, then Transcription US is the right choice.

Accurate human transcription services

Transcription US provides guaranteed, accurate transcription services through a team of well-trained and experienced experts. We offer a variety of human transcription services to our clients from all industries.

No machines involve

Transcriptions prepared using machines and automated tools often leave room for errors and flaws. Transcription US utilizes only trained man power to transcribe audio and video files. We are competent to provide professional and error-free transcripts in all our transactions. We are able to offer accurate transcription services as every document is proofread once again by a quality analyst.

Online Transcription Services

Online Transcription Services are guaranteed to have superior quality. Transcription US is a reputed online transcription company, catering to transcription and translation services since 2013.

People from all walks-of-life make use of our online transcription services on a daily basis. Online transcription services are utilized by small businesses, corporate companies, researchers, surveyors, marketers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, professors, lecturers, teachers, students, and so on.

Online Transcription Services are very convenient and cost-effective. Kindly send your audio/video files to be transcribed or documents to be translated on our way and we assure you of complete satisfaction in terms of quality, on-time delivery and best customer service.

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By spotting a necessity for affordable transcription and translation service, we started our journey in 2013. Till date we have catered our services to business companies, professors, students, podcasters, public hearings, universities and international translation companies.

We assure you of quality transcription and translation services.

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Unique Features of Our Services

01.100% Human

Human processed transcription and translation services. No machine involved.


We assure 98% accuracy or more in all our transactions for good quality audio.


100% money back guarantee for good quality audio with up to two speakers.

04.Secure and Confidential

We have strict privacy policies in place for the protection of our clients.

05.No-obligation Quote

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We are with you till you're satisfied. We are available round the clock to process your request.

Typing Services

Typing Services
PDF to Word Typing Services

Typing Services provided by TUS are accurate, prompt and of a high standard. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective typing service to our clients. Our typing team is skilled in delivering a perfect product. We provide timely and accurate typing services for all your needs like PDF, image and book to word typing works.

Online Typing Services saves your time and money. We are here to offer guaranteed typing service with best customer care.

Typing Rates starts at $1

Typing Services

Translation Services

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Are you looking for affordable and quality transcription or translation for your project?

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