10 Fun Office Workspace Decor Ideas to Try

If you ever feel bored at work, then decorating your workspace might give you some motivation. In fact, doing so can boost your productivity and mood. These decor ideas might be just what you need to make your workspace fun.

1. Add Unique Art

Having art you actually love looking at around you can help you forget about reality for a time. You can hang original artwork on the walls or place artistic objects on bookshelves or your desk. Additionally, there’s wall art with humorous messages, cartoons, and more. You can even make your own distinctive art by following a tutorial or creating whatever comes to mind. Be sure to choose art that resonates with you and makes you feel positive.

2. Decorate with Stickers

You don’t have to be a kid to use die cut stickers to decorate your desk, walls, folders, or other items. For one thing, you can customize every part of a sticker by picking out the shape, finish, size, and color. You can even upload your own art and make it into a quirky sticker.

3. Bring in Flowers or Plants

Adding pops of color can be easy when you set brightly colored flowers in a room. Similarly, plants can be aesthetically pleasing and freshen up an office. Further, plants make oxygen and can be great for your health. A few of the best office plants include the peace lily, modern bamboo, succulents, Chinese evergreen, and many others.

4. Use Colorful Office Supplies

You can either choose all of your office supplies in one color or mix and match various hues. The end goal doesn’t have to be stylish and perfect. You can just buy what you like and go from there. One place to find office supplies to make you smile every day is at Etsy. Pencils with interesting messages, cartoon character pen holders, funny notepads, rainbow color pencils, and more exist at Etsy shops.

5. Personalize Your Space

Making your office fit your personal style can help you stay comfortable while you work. On the other hand, a room that’s too impersonal can make you feel cold and less productive. For one, you can place a comfy chair with pillows on it in a corner or set your favorite statue on your desk.

6. Try Whimsical Furniture

You don’t have to use drab furniture that bores you when there’s plenty of budget-friendly furniture to choose from. These days, you can go online or to a local store to find something to liven up a room. From funky hand-shaped chairs to uniquely designed desk lamps, you’ll likely see something that fits your style.

7. Hang Up a Charming Calendar

Staring at the same old plain calendar can make you wish for something better. Rather than be tortured by the lack of pizazz, try using a better calendar. There are calendars with humor, inspiring quotes, or imaginative artwork, among other things.

8. Keep a Bookshelf Handy

Not only can a bookshelf make a space cozier, but you can use one to pick out a book and read it on your break. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you can buy an inexpensive one and paint it or make one yourself from scratch. Another idea is to decorate it with extraordinary stickers.

9. Set Up a Healthy Snack Station

Since healthy snacks are often seen as boring, you can make food exciting by creating a snack station. One idea is to put snacks you love in a bowl with designs on a colorful table. You can place a sign you made yourself next to your station that says “Snack Station”.

10. Organize Your Desk

Organizing a desk doesn’t have to be a chore when you’re using eye-catching accessories. Think storage bins with drawers, a vibrant cord organizer, a magnetic paper clip holder, and other accessories. You can make everything match or pick whatever makes you happy. Plus, you’ll be removing unattractive clutter so you can focus on working and being successful.

Although having fun at work might seem impossible at times, you can use creative ideas to make your workspace colorful and bright. Indeed, you can decorate your area however you want to, especially if you work from home. If you don’t, then consider asking your boss if you can make your workspace fit your style more.

Tracie Johnson

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