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Business Transcription

business transcription

Timely, accurate and cost-effective transcription services are essential for your business. Our team of professional human transcribers provides a high-quality business transcription that will give you the exact output you need. We offer our clients in the US the most reliable and comprehensive business transcription which cover a wide variety of file types, from audio to video to text.

The increase in the demand for business transcription services in the US is not far-fetched. The American space experiences an upsurge in the number of small businesses year in, year out. Small businesses grew 24% during COVID-19, following a 20% growth in 2019. In 2021, there are over 37 million businesses in the US. What this implies is the inevitable existence of competition among businesses as these businesses hold series of meetings, webinars, workshops, and seminars where issues bordering on organizational development are discussed. Owing to the influence of the digital age, discussions at meetings are now recorded for a full grasp of people’s opinions on matters arising and other observations. It is, however, not advisable to have to go through the stress of listening to an audio of an hour or longer. To save the stress, the services of a business transcriptionist or business transcription companies are thereby sought to help take care of business meeting transcription services.

What is Business Transcription and Why is it Needed?

Business Transcription is the professional service of converting recorded audio or video files into a textual format for businesses or companies of all forms and sizes. As earlier established, businesses, in the course of ensuring they meet up with the demands of the highly competitive world, aim at achieving and even surpassing their set goals within a limited period. It will therefore, be a waste of time if they have to spend another junk of time transcribing the recorded audio or video from webinars and interviews held, teleseminars, meetings and conferences, and other items.

Also, presentations at teleclasses by certain resource persons as well as other recordings that are poised for both professional and commercial purposes need to be transcribed as they are potential resource materials should the company intends to come up with a book.

Business transcription is highly needed, in fact, it is inevitable in the present world. This is because it ensures that you have a written record of all conversations related to crucial financial, marketing, and legal decisions in your business. Some benefits include access to that information for future referencing and record purposes.

Why We Wow Our Business Clients?

Professionalism and Precision!

Since the emergence of machine transcription, many business transcription companies have jumped on the bandwagon of subjecting their client companies’ projects to robots-facilitated transcription, just to cover “enough grounds” within a relatively short period. They give little or no priority to professionalism and precision. This is where Transcription US stands out as the stellar provider of business transcription services.

98% Accuracy- Best Beyond Banters

98% accurate service has always been our mantra. Without blowing our trumpet, a trial has always been enough for us to turn our first-time clients to recurrent clients all the time.

Expert-Human Facilitated Business Transcription Service

Transcription US provides strictly human-based transcription service. Our consistency in taking the lead in the world of business transcription services is founded on our adherence to human-based transcription service. We are strictly committed to giving our clients within the US the best transcription service as ever through our experienced transcriptionists who are dedicated to making you proud.

Impeccable Transcriptionists, Great Turnaround Time

Despite being humans, our transcriptionists are perfect, strongly motivated and goal-oriented. They are aware of your need for quality delivery. They take up your recording and treat it as though it is their personal project and deliver quality transcriptions with dispatch.

Let us help you save time and money by providing you with quality business transcription quickly and consistently. Our human-based approach ensures accuracy and consistency, so you don't have to worry about any inaccuracies or lost data.


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