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Bloggers, media firms, journalists, lawyers, law enforcers, and researchers carry out many interviews as a means of gathering information. Whether you are writing for a newspaper or magazine, working on your project as an academician or you are undergoing a deposition representing a company. There might not be enough time to transcribe hours of recording of the interview. Also gathering information by playing the record over and over might be very stressful. What you need is Interview Transcription Services.

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What is Interview Transcription

Interview transcription is the process of converting audio or video recordings of interviews into text format. This process is used to create a written record of an interview, which can then be used for research, reference material, or other purposes. Interview transcription services are often used in the fields of journalism, market research, and legal proceedings.

Interview transcription involve the proper and accurate documentation of interviews into word format. It is usually transcribed in an organized form- interviewer and interviewee. Interview transcription can also be captured with time-code. Time-coded interview transcription will be helpful for easy reference to the audio or video file.

Benefits of Interview Transcription Services

Here are a few reasons why you need a quality interview transcription services:

It Helps You Focus Better

As a lawyer, journalist, or human resource manager, I am sure you have a lot of other important things to handle. Employing an interview transcription service like us will save you a lot of time, stress, and energy. It will help you focus better on your research or court case. At an affordable rate, you can get a quality interview transcription of your streams of interviews with quick turnaround time.

Saves Plenty of Time

Most people miss their project submission deadline because they were unable to complete their research on time. This is because of the broad scope of the study. It takes a lot of time collecting information through several interviews, collating & organizing that information collected and then turning them into something meaningful. Therefore, employing interview transcription services will help save a lot of time.

Easy Accessibility

Converting your audio interviews into written content ensures easy reference when you are in need. You can easily refer to any part of the content, unlike when it is still an audio or video file. Making use of interview transcription services helps you gather more information. You might notice that there were some crucial aspects of the interview you didn't see. We at Transcription US, offer top-rated interview transcription services at reasonable rates.

Accuracy and Correction

Sometimes when interviewing an individual for your project survey or study, they can make blunders or omissions. Making use of an excellent, competent, and experienced interview transcription services like ours, we'll help you correct every error from the audio. We'll also assist in removing any unnecessary noise in your interview audio. Our interview transcription services cost is not too expensive, so you don't have to worry yourself too much.

Future Reference

The study might be useful for you another time, perhaps in another study. Documenting your audio or video interviews will provide you with an opportunity to quickly refer to that study anytime you need to. It also helps extend the range of your research, thereby allowing for proper interpretation of the interview you conducted. You can see clearly every single part of the conversation.

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Why choose us?

Many of our customers have been making use of our interview transcription services for quite a long time. Here, below are the reasons why:

Security of Information

Many of the interview conducted by academicians might lead to a significant innovation or breakthrough in their field. However, this has to be kept as private as possible to ensure that the information doesn't get into the hands of the competition. We at Transcription US, have security measures in place to ensure your files are handled with utmost care right from when you upload till when we deliver.

Accurate Interview Transcription

Interview transcription have to be accurate or else it can be termed untrue or irrelevant. This is why you need us. We offer precise interview transcription services with one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Without much effort, you can get your interviews transcribed in no time. Visit our site, register, upload file, pay, and await your interview transcription.

Top-Notch Quality Assurance

You can't afford to have a transcript that is full of errors; it may be frustrating too. This is another crucial reason why you need us. We make use of highly qualified and adequately screened transcriptionists who have the experience in your field. Before the submission/delivery of any transcript, we make sure the interview transcription are appropriately reviewed to ensure absolute quality.

Saves Time and Money

You don't have to worry too much as a student; we offer inexpensive and affordable interview transcription rates to clients. We'll handle your interview transcription while you focus on more important things as regards your research.

24/7 Support

Our support agents are always at alert all day to attend to any issues you might be encountering. Contact us any time and get quality interview transcription services at affordable pricing.

Affordable Interview Transcription

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Transcription US is the perfect solution for you! Our team of experienced professionals provides interview transcription of your recordings at an unbeatable price. We guarantee accuracy and reliability so that you can make the most out of your qualitative analysis.

Get accurate and reliable Interview transcription from Transcription US so that you can make the best use of your interviews. Our fast turnaround times ensure that you get the transcripts quickly, without having to wait days for delivery.

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