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Phone Call Transcription

Looking for Affordable Phone Call Transcription Services?

Phone call transcription is the process of converting conversations that take place through phone call into written words to be stored as plain text. This is also known as speech-to-text transcription. We offer excellent human transcription services for all your phone call recordings; be it a meeting, business discussion or rep-to-customer conversations.

Phone call transcription is in command as the business meetings and discussions are shifted online. The pandemic outbreak has limited the physical meeting sessions. Most of the corporate companies, small businesses conduct their regular meetings and weekly discussions through phone call and the demand for phone call transcription is also amplified. We are committed to offer true to speech affordable phone call transcription.


Phone Call Transcription Benefits

1. Keep records of all phone call conversations

Phone call transcription is a record of your conversation. Keeping record of meetings, weekly discussions and rep-to-customer conversations are essential for companies and organizations. While phone call recording (audio and video) consumes more space on your computer, transcripts are comparatively smaller and easy to share with your team and with the shareholders.

2. Search and refer-back transcriptions quickly

Phone call transcription is the process of creating text version of phone recordings. With transcriptions, complete calls can be reviewed in a fraction of time. The purpose of transcript is to make the text searchable and easily accessible for the reader. Transcribed written texts can be helpful to efficiently refer-back to keywords, specific highlights, and phrases.

3. Utilize transcriptions for training purposes

Phone call transcription can be repurposed for training purposes. The case studies conducted through phone calls are valuable for onboarding process. Training material helps new employees to learn from real world examples of how to handle any situation.

4. Helps customer service quality improvement

Phone call transcription helps to identify the shortcomings and improve client satisfaction. Your representative’s conversation quality and sales pitch play a vital role in a client’s experience with your business. By evaluating the phone call transcription, you will be able to create a better experience for your clients.

5. Keep transcriptions for legal purposes

By recording and transcribing phone calls, you have evidence and proof of what was discussed in a business meeting, what was deliberated to the stakeholders and or what was said between reps and customers. If you are trying to reference a specific point made during a phone call, it can be difficult if you only have the recording. Because you need to listen to the entire audio again to find the specific point. However, if you have the phone call transcript, you can use the search function to find the specific point. Phone call transcription can be helpful for unexpected legal proceedings.

Affordable Phone Call Transcription

Phone call transcription services have become a significant business or phone call transcription has become the need of every other business. Most of the companies around us are working online even those which were not, are now forced to follow. These companies use a call recording software. The recorded phone calls need to be converted into text version. We offer affordable phone call transcription.

Phone call transcription is an important and powerful tool for business meeting, training and legal requirement. The demand for phone call transcription is to be accurate and affordable. Although automated software gives a fast delivery, accuracy is at stake.

“Transcription US” provides affordable phone call transcription that can be used as reference material. We offer human transcription services that can be valuable tool for your business meetings, weekly meetings, customer service calls and market research recordings.

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