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Transcription Services Online


Transcription Services Online involves the documentation of both audio and video files into text format. As the name implies, it is done online using a service such as Transcription US - quick and efficient. It gives you more time to work on something more important while we handle your transcriptions.

Transcription Services Online is affordable without neglecting the quality of the work as well as fast delivery.

When should you use Transcription Services Online?

Maybe you have a presentation for your company in New York, based on research carried out by you for a couple of months. You have a shitload of recorded interviews with several speakers and not enough time to transcribe those recorded audio and video files into words. You also have to attend your daughter's wedding ceremony in London, of course, you wouldn't want to miss it. What to do? Transcription services online are what you need. This would give you enough time to attend your daughter's wedding and still have time for your million-dollar presentation for your company.

Check out another example: You want to write a book about your family history. You have been holding a couple of interviews with your grannies through the phone every evening after work. You also have to work during the day compulsorily because you are a doctor. How do you compile those recorded telephone conversations and at the same time not miss any hour of work? Transcription services online like Transcription US are always available to rescue you from situations like this. Transcription Services Online provides you with convenience and peace.

If you are not yet convinced, this last illustration should be able to convince you. You have a deadline to submit your school project to your supervisor, and you still have a lot to do. You haven't even transcribed the recorded interviews with people into text format. You can't also submit those audio files to your supervisor unless you are ready to fail. How are you going to handle this situation? Three words- transcription services online.

Benefits of Transcription Services Online

Transcription Services Online is being utilized by professionals like teachers, lecturers, professors, engineers, doctors, lawyers, companies, researchers, surveyors, marketers, and so on.

Whether you want to convert your YouTube video online into word format or a conference call conversation, you can depend on us to handle it for you. Many people from different facets of life make use of our transcription services online on a daily basis. Have you been impacting the lives of others with your podcast? We have got you covered in that area. All you have to do is send us the link of the site where your podcasts are, and that is all. We provide transcription services online of any audio or video from any platform such as dropbox, google docs, iTunes, mega, YouTube, and so on. In case you have the file with you, we own a platform online where you can upload your audio or video file and wait patiently for your quality transcriptions in no time.

Why choose our Transcription Services Online?

Reliable and Dependable

We provide one of the best transcription services online for business corporations, legal institutions, or individuals for meetings, conferences, research, and group discussions. We offer total flexibility to meet up with your exact desire. All you need to do is tell us whatever you need and we'll assign an expert team of transcriptionist with experience to handle your work appropriately (the way you want it) with a quick turnaround.

High Accuracy Rates

Transcription US ensure high accuracy and precision of transcripts by carrying out a few tests before delivery. To ensure the quality of the transcript, we cross-check the transcript two or three times. This is why we can boldly say that we offer one of the best transcription services online.

Reasonable and Affordable rates

A lot of people shy away from employing the services of a transcriptionist just because of their high prices per service. We totally understand this that's why we provide services at a reasonable and affordable rate without neglecting the quality of the transcript. Check out our online transcription rates.

How it Works?

Getting transcription services online is quite simple. The first thing is to get your audios ready in the supported format and then upload on the site. After this upload, we will notify you that we've seen the work and we're going to get back to you shortly. Payment is next. Transcription US allows the use of credit or debit card to make payment. You'll receive your quality transcript shortly after payment following the deadline you set.

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