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Academic Transcription Services


Are you currently trying to finalize your thesis or project as an academician? Trying to type as well as convert audio notes, conversations, and interviews might be a little intense and stressful. It might take a long time to complete it, and your supervisor might not be happy about that. Only three words can solve your problem- Academic Transcription Services.

Academic Transcription services involve converting audio or video format of your academic research into meaningful text format. We can help handle your audio/video academic transcriptions while you go on to handle more critical things. You can have more time to focus on your academic research.

Best Academic Transcription Service

Lot of people believe that it is better to listen or watch than to read. That's not totally true. According to statistics, most students grab the content taught better when they read. This is why most lecturers and Professors now ensure they give out the written content of their lecture for students to read.

When a lecturer is talking and discussing in the lecture room, you might not be able to grab every single word he said. But on reading the transcribed version of that lecture, you will definitely understand properly.

Academic transcription services also assists those who have hearing impairment. Once you have successfully carried out your research, you are left with loads of audio notes or video files. Academic transcription services can help you collate and organize your work. Then, you can now pick out the essential things you need from the transcript.

No matter what kind of academic transcription you need, it is simple and secure to get best academic transcription service for a price you can afford at “Transcription US”.

Academic Research Transcription Services

While carrying out academic research, most people make use of interview methods to gather information. It might be very hard to take notes because you won't be able to grab all the points. This is why most people make use of audio/video recording device to record every moment of their research interview. There is one more hurdle to jump. What is an easy and less stressful way of gathering that information collected and converting them into something meaningful and useful for your project? A four-word answer to that is Academic research transcription services. We at Transcription US can help you convert all the audio recordings you gathered into word format, making it easy for your research.

Who needs us?

☆ Both undergraduate and postgraduate students make use of our academic research transcription services to convert their lectures or group discussions into readable text format.

☆ Students make use of our academic transcription services to transcribe interviews carried out during their research. This makes it easy and saves a lot of time.

☆ Students who are very busy with other vital things reach out to us for academic transcriptions of their audio and video files.

☆ Professors also reach out to us to help transcribe their lectures.

Why choose us?

Convenience and Trust

We are a trustworthy academic transcription company which handles the client's work with absolute care. We understand that most of the audio or video files given to us are confidential, and it must be handled carefully. We have taken several security measures to ensure the safety of your data. You have nothing to worry about. Log on to our website, upload your audio or video file using any mobile device- Android, Apple, or Windows and await your academic transcript shortly.

Affordable Rates

Academic transcription services are affordable to students and other academicians. Kindly check our academic transcription rates here.

Quality and Accurate Academic Transcription Services

One of the most important why you should choose our academic transcription services is because we offer quality transcription services with a high accuracy rate. Unlike other types of transcriptions, academic transcription services is the most delicate. Any omission of content might lead to the falsification of the whole project. This is why you need our assistance. With our expertise and experience, we can guarantee you a quality and 98% or more accuracy rate on your academic transcriptions.

Quick Delivery Time

There is nothing more fascinating than offering quality services, coupled with quick turnaround time. We at Transcription US work with deadlines set by you the way you want. We have a team of expert transcriptionists peculiar to your academic field that can handle your project appropriately.

Our Priority

Our priority is to ensure that all customers are adequately satisfied with our academic transcription services. We take several measures to make sure that customers are satisfied. We carry a series of accuracy tests to ensure that the transcript is authentic. We also have a money-back guarantee in which customers can ask for a refund if they are not satisfied with our academic transcription services.

Academic transcription services include:

☆ Transcription of lectures

☆ Thesis transcription

☆ Transcription of group discussions

☆ Academic interview transcription services

☆ Academic research transcription services

☆ Presentation transcription

☆ Educational transcription services

Place an order now and get the best academic transcription service!

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