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Academic transcription services shielded with money back guarantee for all your lecture, seminar, one to one interview, focus group discussion and research interview documentation needs. We are the only academic transcription company that deliver 98% accuracy at any given point of time.

Academic transcription services are processed in our facility with at most care and then reviewed by a senior quality analyst for accuracy.


Thank you very much! I have verified all transcripts. Thank you all for your continual hard work!

- Marlena C M

Looks incredible- thanks. I have 5 more to send and then another 5 in a week.

- Brenda Y

Thank you so much for sending them back so quickly. These look good thank you.

- Becca H

It was an absolutely excellent job 99%. I think only two 'inaudibles' in 80 minutes which I noticed with another company was an all too frequent crutch. So really good work.

- Jim B

I sent a board meeting mp3. Considering we had people talking at the same time, the transcription was pretty close to perfect.

- Ryan

Good work! I like the ease of the process from uploading of Video files to receiving the transcript. Furthermore, the price is close to my budget.

- Carson

Turnaround time was great and the website is very easy to use. Given the price, it seems that we certainly got a good deal I will contact next time.

- Madelyn

The service was good and the transcription accurate. I also appreciate the pricing!

- Steven P

The sermon was transcribed well and the pricing was amazing. I will certainly recommend your service!

- Joanna L

The chat service was good and finds option to accommodate my request. Keep up the good work.

- Rafael

Academic Research Transcription Services

Academic research transcription services helps you to complete your dissertation or thesis in a timely manner. By entrusting your recorded audios and videos to us, you can devote your valuable time to the research and writing of the dissertation. We transcribe all your academic research to your satisfaction at an affordable rate.

Remember that the accuracy of the academic research transcription is based on the quality of the audio. Avoid background noise and overlapping speech to get a precise academic research transcription service.

If you are hard pressed for time or money, look no further than our academic research transcription services.

Academic Transcription Company

Transcription US is the preferred academic transcription company for universities, colleges, professors, associate professors and students all over the United States and other countries. When it comes to transcription, speed and accuracy are absolute requirements.

Academic transcription services are performed by graduate professionals. Our professional team is capable of meeting your specific demands, no matter the size or scope of the project.

As an academic transcription company, confidentiality is our priority; we assure complete confidentiality of your audio or video files. We do offer a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), upon specific request in case the customer requires the same.

Academic Transcription Services — Rates

Academic Transcription Services — Rates
Transcription$0.70 per minute (up to 3 speakers)
Verbatim Transcription$0.90 per minute (up to 3 speakers)
Time Stamp$0.25 per minute
Accuracy98% or more
OutputMicrosoft Word (.docx or .doc)
File TypesMP3,AVI, WAV, MOV, MP4, AIFF, M4A, & more
4 - 5 SpeakersTranscription $0.80/min & Verbatim $1.00/min
6 - 10 SpeakersTranscription $0.90/min & Verbatim $1.10/min
Minimum Order Cost $25

Academic Transcription Services — FAQ:

  • Where do I get my interview recordings transcribed?
  • What is your accuracy rate for academic transcription?
  • Do you transcribe focus group interviews?
  • Do you guarantee quick turnaround for my interview transcripts?
  • Do I get better price as a student?
  • Academic Transcription Services — Benefits:

  • Highest level of 98% consistent accuracy
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Mandarin Transcription
  • Highest priority to client satisfaction
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Value for money
  • Directly upload audio/video files online
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