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Sermon Transcription Services

sermon transcription

Looking for accurate sermon transcription services? We help churches through our weekly accurate sermon transcription services.

Church is called to reach entire nation within a short span of time. So it is highly important that we need to make use of all the available channels. We understand that Christian organizations and Churches have much more important work to do than to worry about transcribing sermons, lectures and prayers. Transcription US provides accurate sermon transcription services using highly talented professionals.

Sermon Transcription Services offered at $0.70 per recorded minute.

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Sermon Transcription

A good sermon engages the biblical text.

Sermon transcription services provide Christian pastors, preachers and ministers with text versions of their sermons. Accurate sermon transcription is helpful for advancing your mission and spreading your teachings since you can make as many electronic or printable copies of your sermon transcript as desired. Sermon text transcription is the basis for converting sermons into book form.

Sermon transcription services offered to pastors will capture all the bible verse readings, illustrations and prayers carefully. Unlike other sermon transcription companies our definitive goal is to help out Churches in spreading God's Word by transcribing the audio or video sermons or lectures into text format.

We also offer transcription services for spiritual and religious conferences and weekly Bible study audios or videos. We have experienced sermon transcriptionists who will work from any kind of digital files like aac, avi, dss, mov,mp3, mp4, wav, wma and many more.

Sermon Transcription Format

The default format we follow for sermon transcription is "Clean Verbatim Style." Clean verbatim transcription will not include the false starts and filler words like "um" and "huh." This format will be good for sermon transcription as you can just print them and distribute a clean version to your congregation.

You can also request for "Verbatim Style." Verbatim transcription is the detailed type of transcription service. Verbatim transcription captures everything that is said on the recording including the false starts, coughs, laughs, sniffles and filler words like "um" and "huh."

Affordable Sermon Transcription

Sermon transcription is a vital part of your ministry and it should be affordable in order to take your ministry to the next level. We request pastors and preachers to upload their audio or video sermon files for a high quality affordable sermon transcription.

Transcription Services for Theological Research

Theological research is conducted by theological students as part of their course or by pastors to provide deeper insight into the Christian beliefs. Theological research is undertaken to explore Biblical concepts, religious faith, practice, and experience. Theological research is concerned with social actions which may be found both within and outside the Church. Christian theology has traditionally aspired to present a coherent, internally consistent, and ultimately comprehensive account of the substance of the Christian faith. In this context the researcher may conduct interviews or focus group discussions with Christian pastors, leaders or believers. In today's world, interviews and focus group discussions are audio recorded in order not to interrupt the proceedings and these are transcribed later.

Transcription US offers most accurate, professionally transcribed content for the theological research. When you work with us, your files are safe and secure. To get confidential and professionally accurate theological research transcription contact us today.

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