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Transcription Services for Qualitative Research


What is Qualitative Research Transcription?

In the simplest terms, qualitative research transcription is the transcription of recorded interactions from interviews, group discussions focus groups, etc. between researchers and targeted participants for research.

Importance of qualitative research transcription

☆ Transcribed research data gives you more options for storing, sharing, or analyzing data.

☆ It saves on time. Imagine how long an interview with participants can be, especially if they are a group. Transcribed data, helps you find facts faster than listening as you can skim through to the point of the interaction you are interested in.

☆ When you know that you will easily and accurately transcribe the data you collect, you can pay more attention to your participants and thus collect more thorough information.

Why you should use our Transcription Services for Qualitative Research

When collecting data for qualitative research, you have to interact with a lot of people, and probably take a lot of time with these people. If you are recording your interactions, which is more efficient than taking down notes, you could experience a couple of challenges such as people talking over each other or heavy accents, and that is why you need a trusted and reputable transcription company.

We are that.

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Our transcription services for qualitative research are:


We use the resources at our disposal, including people good in accents and language to be able to accurately transcribe your recorded content.

We are timely

Time is money. Information is power. Research usually has an impact on society or a field and so we take the least amount of time to transcribe your qualitative research while assuring at least 98% accuracy.


We understand and respect your work and the time and effort you put into it. As such, it is our policy not to share your research with anyone.

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We are available to our clients around the clock around the globe.

What we offer in Qualitative Research Transcription

Qualitative research can be undertaken by a variety of people or institutions. It can be Schools especially lecturers and students, organizations, research institutions, or even government agencies. It is important to us that we can understand our clients, understand their cultural nuance as well as the language used.

Fair Prices

We have fixed prices for our transcription services and you can calculate quickly extra charges such as extra voices or the number of audio participants. And this cuts across the board from solo interviews to group interviews etc.

Smart and Scalable solutions

We have a very capable team with us, which then allows us to listen in on your voice data regardless of the field, size of the clip, or research topic and transcribe it accurately.

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By spotting a necessity for affordable transcription and translation service, we started our journey in 2013. Till date we have catered our services to business companies, professors, students, podcasters, public hearings, universities and international translation companies.

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