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Psychology Transcription Services

psychology transcription

Psychology Transcription Services seek to make the psychologist’s task easier by assisting in turning the recordings into readable texts.

Most of the tasks of a psychologist involve taking notes- not just notes but those salient parts of the conversation including the paralinguistic features. This could be during research sessions or personal counseling sessions with patients. How then do they strike the necessary balance between paying attention to details and note-taking? This is why you need Psychology Transcription Services.

Psychology Transcription is the process of converting dictations or recordings or conversations of a patient's mental health with their doctors, to text. Through Psychology Transcription, the texts become easily accessible due to their constant availability and lack of geographical limitations.

  • What Our Client Say

    Thanks! Both are stupendous!

    Dr. Scott Hoye, Psy.D.
    Chicago Psychology Services LLC
    Chicago, IL

  • I have received the transcription and am sending 2 more, which means I am pleased with the work and certainly appreciate the time I have saved as I have done a few of these on my own before.

    Patty Carter
    Licensed Professional Counselor

Why You Should Embrace Psychology Transcription Services?

It is a known fact that Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. It is a very sensitive aspect of science because it deals with mental health. These behaviors are best captured when not subjected to note-taking alone, but also audio and video recordings, which are later transcribed and studied for informed conclusions.

This is why experienced, well-trained transcriptionists who have a thorough knowledge of the terminology used in the psychology field should be hired to deliver quality transcription services.

Furthermore, psychologists interact with different individuals who have varying emotional problems ranging from, drug addiction to sexual dysfunction, depression, to mention a few. Therefore, to be more efficient at work as a psychologist, you need to record conversations with your clients to focus more on studying other aspects of communication such as body language. This will help you connect with them in a more intense and relaxing way.

Why Transcription US?

Top-notch Psychology Transcription Services; Fast Delivery

At Transcription US, we provide top-notch psychology transcription services that do not only help you save time but also enable you to work with greater efficiency. We take care of your stress and allow you settle and pay attention to other key areas that need your personal attention. The consequent result of which is more sales.

Nonpareil Psychology Transcriptionists

Our Psychology Transcriptionists are certified and the best at what they do. They are well equipped with the right ethics and terminologies required to help you achieve informed professional decisions through their conscientiously transcribed documents that aptly reflect your recorded conversations. They seek to assist in organizing data collected during research, make it easier for the psychologist to organize their notes for quick reference later on, and worry less about documenting the encounter with each patient.

Unequaled Confidentiality at Low Cost

Our Psychology Transcription Services give the best cost-effective solution you are looking for, without quality and professionalism compromised. While we help you ease your tasks as a psychologist, we bear in mind the need for confidentiality.

We are quite aware of the high level of secrecy your profession requires, and as such, we have fashioned our website to cater for such level of confidentiality. Our cybersecurity experts are always up and doing. Your clients’ recordings are strictly protected against any form of cyber intrusion.

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