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The two keys to our successful transcription services are empathy and patience. With this, we can correctly and accurately transcribe the information and message as was said.

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Podcast Transcription

Podcast transcription is a word-for-word transcript of all that was said in a podcast episode. These include things such as moments of laughter, anger, or even confusion depending on the level of detail needed.

Why is Podcast Transcription necessary

Podcast transcription services are necessary for several reasons:

  • They make your podcast more accessible. Podcast transcription has the advantage that it supplements what one may have missed as they listened in, or in cases of hearing disability and your audience can follow up on your conversation and content.

  • They help improve SEO. This is because podcast transcripts usually have a lot of words that help massively in SEO optimization.

  • You can be able to repurpose your podcast transcripts. You can use them to create blogs or even subtitles in cases where there are video clips.

  • Our Podcast Transcription Services

    At Transcription US we pride ourselves in our timely and accurate podcast transcription services. We are the best podcast transcription company. We have taken that very reputation and experience in our Podcast Transcription services. We use the best resource, which is the human-transcription to make sure that we accurately transcribe your content.

    As a human being, there are things in spoken language that machines are not able to articulate, such as intonation. There is a difference in how you say, “Let’s go!” and “Let’s go.” And it is this very attention to detail, and patience to listen to your whole podcast, feel the mood and accurately transcribe that makes us the best in the field.

    Contact us today so that we can start on your podcast today.

    Why use our Podcast Transcription Services

    It is important to understand why podcast transcription is necessary for you. Because simply put, it can help you maintain and increase your audience. Other than the SEO aspect which is important to help you get more exposure, it brings interaction and understanding to what was discussed during the podcast. Some content can go missing during a discussion or periods of laughter or emotion, with transcription, your audience will be able to keep up with what was said.

    Guaranteed Quality

    The message must be passed across exactly how it was said and by the exact person. This is regardless of the audio quality, subject matter, temperament, or accent. We use all resources available to make sure we deliver.

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    We are available to you whenever you need us.


    For the quality of service, including aftersales services, we are quite affordable. We make sure that quality leads so that you can feel that your money has worked for you.


    We believe in being efficient. As such, we make it a point to ensure a quick turnaround for our clients.

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    Our Clientele

    We cover a wide range of clients, both business and personal in all fields and disciplines. Be it video or Audio as shown above. Whatever the platform, as long as the audio/video is accessible to us, we will get started and get back to you with transcribed text for your podcast.

    We guarantee privacy and confidentiality of your details, be it personal information or content. It is in safe hands.

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    By spotting a necessity for affordable transcription and translation service, we started our journey in 2013. Till date we have catered our services to business companies, professors, students, podcasters, public hearings, universities and international translation companies.

    We assure you of quality transcription and translation services.

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