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Foreign Language Transcription Rates

Foreign Language Transcription Rates

Do you have an audio or a video in a foreign language that you want transcribed or translated to English? That is where our foreign language transcription services come in. Our professional foreign language transcriptionists can transcribe verbatim, track multiple speakers, or add time stamps.

Foreign language transcription rates are not as same as English transcription. However, we offer affordable and accurate foreign language transcription services.

Foreign Language Transcription Rates
Arabic $3.00 per minute
French $3.00 per minute
Canadian French $4.00 per minute
German $2.90 per minute
Hindi $2.60 per minute
Portuguese (Brazilian) $2.80 per minute
Portuguese (European) $2.80 per minute
Russian $3.30 per minute
Spanish (European) $2.60 per minute
Spanish (Latin America) $2.60 per minute
Speakers Up to 3
Kindly mention the Language (region) and the target language clearly to speed up the order
For Specific Dialects the price may vary
Extra Services (per recorded minute)
Verbatim Includes filler words like uhs, ums and false starts $0.20
Time Codes You must specify how often - Every minute or Whenever speaker changes $0.20

Accuracy | Minimum Order Cost | Transaction Fee | Turnaround

Accuracy 98% or more
Accepted File Types All digital files like MP3,AVI, WAV, MOV, MP4, AIFF, M4A, & more
Output Microsoft Word (.docx)
Minimum Order Cost $20
Transaction Fee 5% - applicable for all the orders
Turnaround Starts from the time payment is made, not from the receipt of the audio file.
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