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Interview Transcription

Interview transcription is the process of converting an audio or video file into a written document. It involves listening to the audio or video and then typing out the words and phrases that are spoken. This can be a time-consuming task, but it is essential for research and analysis. Interview transcription services are used by businesses, journalists, researchers, and students to capture conversations accurately and efficiently. With the help of our experienced transcriptionists, we convert interviews into text quickly and accurately with minimal effort on your part.

Unlock the power of recorded interviews with our fast and accurate interview transcription. Get amazing quality transcripts for a fraction of the cost of other services. Our experienced transcribers are knowledgeable in your field so you can be confident that your interview recordings will be precisely transcribed with the utmost accuracy and speed. Don't wait any longer, get perfect transcripts now with interview transcription from us!

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What types of interviews can be transcribed?

Interviews are an important tool for gathering information, but they can be time consuming to transcribe. Fortunately, years of experience in transcription field made it easier to transcribe all types of interviews. From one-on-one conversations to group discussions, interviews can be quickly and accurately transcribed. This allows interviewers to focus on the content of the conversation rather than worrying about taking notes. Additionally, interview transcription also helps with analyzing the data from the interviews and extracting key insights from them.

Do you have industry specific transcriptionists?

Yes, we have industry specific transcriptionists to provide reliable transcripts that meet the client's needs. Transcriptionists are the professionals who specialize in converting audio and video recordings into written documents. Whether you need to transcribe audio recordings, video interviews, or any other type of media, having an industry-specific transcriptionist can make the process much more efficient and accurate.

At Transcription US, we have experienced transcriptionists who specialize in a variety of industries, from academic to business fraternity to healthcare to legal and financial services. Our team is knowledgeable about the terminology and jargon used in each field, so you can trust that your transcriptions will be accurate and up to date.

How long does it take to transcribe an interview?

Transcribing an interview can take anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours for an hour of interview recording. The quality of the audio recording has a significant impact on the transcription speed. The length of time it takes to transcribe an interview also depends on other factors such as the background noise, regional accents, potential research required and if there are multiple speakers involved.

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Interview Transcription Features

Accurate Transcriptions Guaranteed

Our experienced and dedicated team of transcriptionists possess the patience, listening skills and editing expertise to provide you with the highest quality of transcripts. We make sure that all the transcriptions are proof-read and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Confidentiality Assured

We understand how important it is to ensure confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information for research. That's why we guarantee a secure environment for our customers so that their data is kept safe at all times.

Quick Turnaround

Our transcriptionists are highly efficient and can deliver results in no time. We guarantee quick turnaround times so that our customers get their transcripts in a timely manner. We offer fast turnaround times without compromising on accuracy.


We make sure that our services are reasonably priced so that they are easily accessible by everyone who needs them. Our transcription rates are affordable in comparison to other transcription services available in the market. Our competitive pricing structure makes us a preferred choice for your transcription needs.

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