Best 10 Professional Blogs Every Designer Should Follow In 2023

By following the top industry blogs in 2023, designers may stay ahead of the curve in terms of design. These well-known blogs offer insightful information, current events, and motivation to boost creativity. Moreover, they span various design disciplines, from graphic design to typography, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) design.

Website designers can keep updated with the most recent business developments and design methods and absorb the wisdom of other talented specialists.

These blogs are essential resources for a Dubai freelance web designer looking to improve his abilities and keep up with the ever-changing design world due to his interesting articles, tutorials, and showcases. So, keep reading this article till the end!

10 Professional Blogs Every Designer Should Follow In 2023:

Here are the top 10 professional blogs that every web designer Dubai must follow in 2023 to stand out among others:

1.      Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a renowned blog offering a wealth of resources for designers. With a focus on web design, UX/UI, and graphic design, it provides valuable articles, tutorials, and case studies.

This blogging platform covers a wide range of topics and helps designers know the recent techniques in the industry.

It is also a go-to resource for inspiration and knowledge, making it a must-follow blog for website designers seeking to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of design innovation.

2.      A List Apart

A List Apart is a popular professional blog that targets web designers and developers exclusively. It is widely recognised for its in-depth and informative articles.

This blog gives web designer dubai useful advice and insightful information to build cutting-edge websites by examining new trends and best practices.

However, A List Apart continues to be a crucial place for web designers trying to advance their abilities in the constantly changing field of web design. It is because of the prime emphasis on the convergence of design and technology.

3.      Creative Bloq

A wide range of design disciplines is covered by the comprehensive professional blog known as Creative Bloq. It is an invaluable resource for website designers looking for ideas, advice, and business news.

Articles on illustration, typography, digital art, graphic design, and other topics can be found on Creative Bloq. Furthermore, this blog provides designers with many methods and ideas. It is for improving their creative work through its enormous library of lessons, showcases, and tools.

Whether a novice or a seasoned designer, this blog offers a consistent flow of original content and creative insights to keep them up-to-date and motivated.

4.      Designmodo

A top professional site, Designmodo discusses design methods and tools. It is a perfect resource for Dubai web designers. The blog provides various materials, including articles, tutorials, freebies, and UI kits.

Focusing on online, email, and user interface design, Designmodo offers helpful advice for producing visually appealing and intuitive designs. It also includes updates on conferences and events linked to design, interviews with experts in the field, and design displays.

For website designers trying to hone their design abilities, Designmodo is a great place. It is due to its breadth of knowledge and emphasis on aesthetics and practicality.

5.      Designer News

Designer News is a community-driven platform where web designers can discover, discuss, and share interesting design-related articles and resources. It is a hub for all industry events and insightful discussions.

Designer News allows users to submit and vote on articles. It also ensures that the most relevant and engaging content rises to the top. By participating in the community, designers can connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and gain inspiration.

Whether they look for thought-provoking articles and helpful resources or want to engage in design-related conversations, Designer News gives them a vibrant and collaborative space to keep themselves informed and connected.

6.      UX Booth

This blog is a highly regarded user experience (UX) design. It presents many informative articles covering various aspects, including research methodologies, interaction design, and UX strategy.

Additionally, it provides practical insights and best practices to help designers create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. This blog also features case studies, and interviews with UX professionals, offering valuable perspectives on the evolving field of UX design.

UX Booth is a valuable place for both expert and newbie designers as it can enhance their understanding of user-centred design and contribute to creating exceptional user experiences.

7.      Design Shack

A comprehensive blog with a large variety of design-related subjects is common as Design Shack. It provides many resources, making it important for designers looking for education and inspiration.

Design Shack examines a variety of design fields, including branding, logo design, print design, and mobile app design. It also assists Dubai freelance web designers in keeping up with recent trends and industry best practices by offering useful advice and examples.

Thus, this blogging platform is a go-to site for designers aiming to improve their abilities and produce striking designs.

8.      Abduzeedo

The top graphic design, illustration, and digital art are on the reputable design blog Abduzeedo. It is famous for its aesthetically appealing material.

In addition, this blog offers various styles and techniques from numerous design disciplines, serving as a constant source of creative inspiration. Abduzeedo also comes up with a carefully chosen selection of eye-catching graphics and thought-provoking information, whether they search for fresh creative concepts, new artistic trends, or lessons to improve their abilities.

This site is a must-follow for a Dubai freelance web designer who wants to spark creativity in the relevant field.

9.      UX Collective

UX Collective is a community-driven platform that curates various authors’ articles on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. This approach also presents a variety of perspectives and insights into the evolving field of UX/UI design.

Besides, it provides a platform for website designers to share their experiences, ideas, and innovative approaches. This is what makes it the best for those seeking inspiration and deepening their understanding of UX/UI design principles.

10.  Design Observer

Design Observer is a highly popular professional blog covering various design disciplines, including graphic design, typography, architecture, and urban planning. Founded by renowned designers and writers, Design Observer offers thought-provoking articles and critical analysis.

It also features essays, interviews, and reviews that delve into design’s social, cultural, and ethical dimensions.

This blogging platform fosters a deep understanding and appreciation of design as a powerful force in shaping the world. Its engaging content and diverse perspectives are great for web designers seeking intellectual stimulation.

To Sum Up!

Knowing the latest trends and inspirational things is crucial in the fast-paced design world. Any web designer dubai may find a plethora of information and inspiration from these top 10 professional blogs. They can improve their design abilities and stay competitive in the vast design sector by following these blogs to learn new techniques and obtain insightful advice from industry experts.

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