Interview Transcription Services: The Needs and Benefits

Do you like to waste your time doing something that is not your specialty? Would you like to misinterpret information that is key to the entire work? You will not, neither do I. The primary source of data can be said to be shaped by oral history. This history is trailed by written and printed material. Verbal information has been handed down from generation to generation preceding the arrival of recording technology. Audio recording and video united with transcription method form a more substantial bulk of today’ media content and professional documentation. Just imagine how far we have come!

A lot of people which include students as well as professionals prefer to use primary research to create stories, cases, dissertations, and papers. Primary research is information gotten from information gathered directly from interviews, unlike secondary research, which is sourced from journals, etc.  Interview transcription services. We have some of the needs and benefits of interview transcription services for your learning pleasure.

Importance of interview transcription services

Interview transcription services is an activity that is coolly preserved. Interview keep memories as well as create exclusive artifacts. They represent accounts that are first hand instead of an after the event reporting done by secondary sources. The media are more interested in extracting their stories from interviews. These interviews serve as a source of headlines to make their stories more eye-catching. 

A journalist spends a lot of time researching as well as writing. Therefore, they need someone to transcribe the interview done into text. Hence, the professional transcription company comes into play.

This need can also be seen in academic interview transcription services and research interview transcription. Academic interview Transcription services specialty in the provision of quality interview transcript for professors, Ph.D., students, and researchers that need assistance with research, thesis, and dissertation projects. Academic Research Services also assists with focus group transcriptions, research dictation, and lectures. Research interview transcription services can be categorized into two; Focus Group Transcription and Interview Transcription. Focus Group Transcription is a larger group of people which is complex while Interview transcription are conversations between one to a maximum of three people

The benefits of Interview transcription services

Save valuable time

The foremost benefit of hiring a professional transcription company for their interview transcription services is because it saves valuable time. Interview Transcription needs objective and careful listening with an editorial judgment that is minimal.

Interview transcription takes much longer time than recording. In a lot of cases, an hour of recording can take three to four hours of transcribing correctly. A transcriptionist may need to carry out additional research to clarify some issues. All these take extra time.

Professionals who made writing their specialty will be super bored with this process and find it hard to fit it into their constricted schedule. But transcriptionist who are experienced at what they do specialize in documents as well as in boxing content.

Information is easily shared

An exciting yet mysterious ambiance is created for tourist in a museum using audio recordings. Sometimes the records are narrated using a script which will also be available in the printed version found in the brochure. Interviews with the authorities can also be featured in the video or audio. The museum can make more money by selling Tran scripted copy of these recordings that have been archived.


When you record your interviews, you would be free to be able to listen to whatever it is your client says. You would be able to read their body language. Who would not want to see if their client is anxious, nervous, or feels very confident? I would. Facial expressions and tone of voice can easily be read. Dialogue and Unplanned questions would be natural to respond to become there is more flexibility. Through your observations, additional information can be jotted down.

Nothing will be missed

When there is focus on what you are doing, nothing will escape your notice. Extra notes can quickly be taken. And just precisely the way the word was said. Do note that it is unprofessional to make the person being interviewed to wait while you jot down the spoken word.

The source is well documented

With academic interview transcription services, the information gotten will be firsthand report not second hand. When documentation is directly from the source, the data obtained is more accurate. Data can easily be watered down when it goes down the chain just like a telephone, what the first person said cannot be the same as the last.

Reference is straight forward

To read is more comfortable than to listen. The availability of your video and audio files makes it a more comfortable reference point. When reading a text, you can skim through it, and printed information is marked up at a fast rate.

Avoidance of Tedious work

Interview transcription services is a tedious job. Transcribing an interview isn’t as easy as it sounds. The hiring of a professional transcriber helps saves stress.

Information gotten is objective

When interview transcription services are done by a professional who is unbiased with the knowledge gained, he/she uses editorial judgment, which is the minimum that can be used. This act is beneficial in some circumstances, such as an account from witnesses.

Information is accessible

Your message can get across to a broad audience when your video file it has video captioning and subtitles.

Search engine optimization can be improved on

SEO experts believe you can increase your chances of ranking very high on the search engine results. Especially when you upload a text copy of your posted video files and audio files to your site.


Interview transcription services help the people who need it, and the students and also the professionals gain a whole lot of benefits. Interview transcription services help the media, medical, legal, corporate and financial firm, Writers, students, and the deaf or hard-of-hearing. I hope you can apply all that has been learned here to get the needed benefits from interview transcription services.

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  1. I like how you said that professional transcription services eliminate the extra time spent in interviews taking notes. My dad would like to make the interview process for his company much more efficient. I’ll suggest that he hire a transcription service so he can be more present in his interviews while still learning the necessary information.

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