Stepping Up One’s Online Presence with Transcriptions

Online Presence with Transcriptions

A business without its online presence is a business that is just out of business. Most of the businesses can be found on the internet via different resources like on social media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Brand awareness is created through social media campaign. Companies are promoting their business through Facebook and Instagram in a way like they simply upload a picture of their employees either dining in a local restaurant or gathered in conference room and target audience to follow their business. 

Why it’s important to step up an online presence with transcription

Every customer turns up to Google and finds out the product’s details before purchasing. Brands or companies want to facilitate its users and ensure to make them minimal efforts while using their services. Whenever a company or brand sends a promotional email to any of the users, he or she will search about it and find its online presence.

Transcription services company provide accurate transcripts at best prices and it is only at one click distance away from us. It transforms the audio files of business corporates, entertainment firms, business organizations, insurance companies, professors, students and journalists and many more into readable text format. Most of the transcription companies provide the following transcription services online:

  • Academic transcription
  • Audio transcription
  • Business transcription
  • Corporate transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Podcast transcription
  • Research transcription
  • Sermon transcription
  • Student transcription
  • Video transcription
Transcription services online

Transcription services online are addressing the following domains:


Highly dedicated and experienced staff do a transcription of the audio files which make sure the most detailed and accurate transcription of the medical needs of the patients and it also includes the time stamping. Mostly transcribed content is related to patient recorded interviews, medical research, recorded business meetings, administrative and consultation audio files.

Legal Projects

Legal transcription requires transcribers who are proficient with legal terminology. Legal transcripts need to be accurate and fast. At the same time all the legal firms cannot afford to appoint a dedicated transcriber to convert the audio files into text. Transcription services companies employ and train transcribers to transcribe legal audio files accurately. Only the trained and experienced legal transcribers will understand the importance of preparing legal documents with careful attention to detail.  The situation may arise out of a deposition, trial tapes, or court proceedings, but the legal firm will require the assistance of the transcription service as a decision in court can turn on a single word or phrase.

Market research

Market Research Transcription services have become the need of the market analysis. Market analysis are mostly dependent on interviews, customer feedback and reviews. Analysis of interviews and data mining is being done to turn out qualitative audio files into quantitative plain textual files.


Educational institutions are also not exceptional. In fact, today’s educational systems are heavily relying on visual and audio learning process. Hence, they outsource their transcription and translation projects to online transcription companies. Fast, easy and compatible transcription of lectures, seminars, and meetings are being done at educational level which facilitates students as well as faculty members to improve the education system.


Transcription services online are also providing translation facilities to users who are non-native but engage in one business. Both partners need a common way of communication to carry out their operational tasks and they do so by translating audio files and sharing with another partner in his native language. Businesses prosper in this way and expand its scope. Transcription services online are provided by many experts who are well-known to many other languages and can understand as a native person can do. 

Online transcription services

People are rushing towards transcription services online because of the following reasons: 

Enhances turnaround time

Some fields where audio and video file are on the top and without them, businesses can’t grow well like corporate businesses, small businesses, market research companies, etc. Online transcription services providers facilitate users to speed up their workflow. If someone has a written file in his hands, they can easily mark a portion which is required to be highlighted and share with their share holders or clients. Editors don’t need to switch the tabs for translating the files throughout the process.

Help employees to concentrate

Scientists agree on one common and the natural phenomenon of human and it is like human’s visual memory is stronger than auditory memory. If employees are given written file they can concentrate well as compare to listen the audio files and then focus on main concepts. They have to rewind again and again which could be more tedious for someone. They can focus on things more prominently.

Highlight accessibility

It’s not a good practice to get information from audio or video file and conclude a result on this basis without including a textual file. Creators of such content are said to avoid such practices especially if they work in public sectors and unable to maintain records. Don’t make assumptions from your own like you have gotten in-depth knowledge and can clarify it well whenever it would be needed. Sectors get in trouble when they can’t present proof in textual form.

Error-free transformation

People are stepping towards online transcription services because it assures error-free notes in various fields. Transcriptionists get training and check the grammar mistakes via online latest technology to prevent professionals from entering into danger zone. And the translation services offered by native linguists to understand and produce accurate copy.

Easy to comprehend

The foremost logical reason for stepping towards an online transcription world is to understand the content well. Employees can get in-depth and clear understanding of material if they have conversion of audio and video files in textual form. Such type of conversion helps a lot to journalists and medical practitioners.


Online transcription services have become a need or a part of the business firms that owners need transcription services at every step to communicate, grow and expand their businesses. If you are one among them contact us today for quality, secure and affordable transcription and translation services.

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