What is legal transcription?

What is legal transcription?

Legal transcription can be defined as a conscientious task of rendering any form of legal proceeding- audio or audiovisual- in a textual form. It is an orthographic documentation of the information present in any given file, which is not in the written format, for clarity and accessibility of the salient information. In essence, it is a purposeful conversion of audio files such as testimonies of witnesses, interrogations, official recording of court hearings as well as other general legal correspondence, to text. Legal transcriptionists are employed by variety of firms ranging from legal firms, companies’ management branches, government parastatals, financial and academic institutions, etc.

Why You Need Legal Transcription?

In recent times, the legal world has experienced a laudable shift to legal transcriptions in lieu of audio/audiovisual versions of exhibits. The numerous court cases presented to attorneys along with both audio and video evidence can be overwhelmingly tiring and discouraging. It could delay the judicial process making it take forever to pass verdict. This is because of the too much time invested in listening to each of the exhibits for certain details, hence, the advent of legal transcribing services.

With legal transcription service becoming the order of the day, law firms, paralegals, court reporters, lawyers and attorneys now go about their judicial duties effortlessly. So, if you are still holding back on seeking the service of a legal transcriptionist in recent time, it is because you have not been apprised of the numerous advantages that come with it. This article is aimed at informing you on why you should invest in legal transcription.

Why You Should Invest in Legal Transcription?

Starting from the law court, the information presented to attorneys through the help of a legal transcriptionist are detailed. This is because being an expert, the transcriptionist, while transcribing audio exhibits, takes into cognizance the identity of the speakers along with timestamp. This enhances the hearing by affording the attorney the ability to track the timeline of the activities and flow of information.

Investing in legal transcription saves a great deal of time. Time is money, and no one dares underestimate the importance of time in their day-to-day activities. In a time-conscious and goal-oriented organization like the legal firm, there are lot of tasks to be accomplished by the lawyers, as well as other paralegal staff member. Therefore, unequaled prominence is attached to meeting up with the set deadlines for activities. In situations of this type where there are numerous audio files to deal with, employing the service of a legal transcriptionist becomes inevitable. By so doing, information contained in audio files are transferred to text, which allows for easy scanning for relevant information.

A legal firm or other businesses that understand the importance of legal transcribing service will definitely have more cases and clients to deal with, which is tantamount to more income. The logic is simple, an outsourced transcription task is acted upon with immediate alacrity by the transcription firm, unlike when it is given to a paralegal within the legal firm who has some other tasks to accomplish for the firm. Furthermore, when the service of a legal transcriptionist is employed, other functions are efficiently carried out without any glitch, as such, organizational goals are achieved on time.

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