Why there is a need for interview transcription services?

Even today, most people are not aware of all the perks that transcription services can give to you. According to the dictionary, this is a service where a business converts a live or recorded speech into a written document. The written document can be on paper or electronic as well. To put it simply, this basically means recording an event as it happens, minutely, and putting down everything that happens. So the question can arise that why there is a need for interview transcription services? Well, a reporter can take an interview of a celebrity through sound recording and later transcribe it. Transcribing it can help him to write the report properly. Movie and audio transcription are in fact quite popular these days. However, in this post we will be talking more about the other aspects of interview transcription services. For example we will be looking at the application of research transcription. If you are still oblivious to the many aspects of transcription service then this post is for you. Let’s get started.

Why there is a need for interview transcription services?

If we look at the current trend then we can see the demand for research transcription services has tripled in the last decade. Currently, it is used for legal, academic, business and medical purposes on a huge scale all over the world. But before you opt for something like this service, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind beforehand. They are as follows:

Types of verbatim transcripts – In case of a one-to-one interview when it is conducted for a research transcription service, there can be two types of verbatim transcripts. You can go for any of the two. The first one is clean verbatim where the non-verbal utterances are omitted and the second one is true verbatim where a representative number of utterances are transcribed.

Quality of work – The quality of the work is also very important. To have a successful project one has to consider various factors such as poor sound quality, background noise, and heavy accents. If the interview is done on phone or the recording is done on microcassette then it can affect the quality of work or transcription services. Hence, you should consider them all before starting the service.

Recording technique – The recording technique of the whole process also matters. That’s why during the process, you must be very attentive to the recording technique that is being used. This can very much affect the quality of the transcription to a huge extent. You can also use audio cassettes instead of microcassettes as the latter in extremely poor in sound quality.

Confidentiality agreement – Before you hire a company which offers you this service, you must ensure that they sign a confidentiality agreement with you so that all your data stays well secured and does not fall into the wrong hands at any point of time.

Post-research analysis – One must ensure that after having outsourced their research transcription services needs, one can work on its post-research analysis and focus on references, summary and also the final outcome of the project which took them years to research. This improvises on the transcription work and helps one to stay connected to his work. But this is not all. Below I am mentioning why there is a need of interview transcription services in other domains as well other than research.

The Benefits Of Interview Transcription Services:

The transcription of interviews is actually the fundamental process for the conversion of the verbal share of an interview and also the conversation of the focus groups. This is achieved through the recorded format of question-answer round that happened between the interviewer and interviewee. This process actually transcribes the same into clear and accurate text format. Most of the transcription services actually design their businesses in converting the speeches irrespective of they are just recorded or live into the written text as well as electronic documents.

In this scenario, the text also sometimes depend upon the format that is used in typing medium of digital text or analog text formats. It is very rare to find Analog text formats these days except for a few developing countries thanks to some cheap cost typewriter devices. On the other hand, the Digital text formats include RTF files, HTML output, MS Word documents, PDF files, and many more. Such documents always get perfect assistance with its 100% clarity and accuracy for the future uses.

The next part after converting the verbal recorded part into text format, is the important procedure called ‘proofreading’. This is a very significant part of interview transcription. During this procedure, the text document is proof-read by professional transcriber. There, they check the grammar, missing punctuations, capitalizations, slang languages, spelling mistakes, as well as listening errors. All this done by professionals and language experts in order to conclude with 100% clarity and accuracy in the final output. After the proof-reading is over, this file is then sent to its owner in a highly secured manner, and thus the whole procedure of interview transcription services ends.

Judged by the importance of these interview documents, the clients send all the recorded files to several of the transcription companies across the globe. This is where you get the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions like “Who needs the interview transcription services? Well, in response, one can say, the interview transcription services highly benefit the interviews, online video channels, television channels, governmental agencies, freelancers, research based reporters, private offices, news broadcasting agencies and many more. Below are some of the most notable benefits that this service can lend these different domains:

  • The transcribed text documents are at large extent, greatly readable, very easy to understand compared to getting the same from listening to the recording of a whole interview.
  • Secondly, they are always easy and comfortable when you are looking for publishing the same online. It serves as  the most beneficial standards for posting blogs, RSS feeds, websites, groups, and forums.
  • This service also helps in terms of Search Engine Optimization. The web crawlers and advance search engine robots highly indexes and understands the text format. This is where transcription from human experts can really help. It aids the podcast and blog owners to rank much higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) with the keyword specifications. This becomes very easy if the transcription section is presented in their podcast and blog site.
  • Also, you need to keep in mind that MP3 format files can get corrupted with time. But in that case, the text version can easily work as a backup support. The large sizes are also an issue with these options to take backups. But the text files are highly protected from these issues and you can easily make a backup of it.

I hope with the above discussion, you can understand why there is a need for interview transcription services! Should you have any further concerns, leave your comments  and we’ll address them in future posts.

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