Audio Transcription for Your Online Business in 2020

Let’s just face the fact now! Keeping your marketing strategy fresh and appealing can be a real uphill task sometimes. You may have tried all the possible avenues. Like for example, you have tried article marketing, have tried email marketing campaigns, promotions, joint ventures, linking, e-books, advertising, giveaways, and maybe, you have also gone to the extent of sending direct mails.

But now what’s left to try? What can be the next possible way to interact with your customers, attract and excite them, and in return get the traffic and promotion? Well, the answer is audio marketing. In this post, I will be telling you the methods to use audio transcription for your online business in 2020 effectively and get the best possible result. Sounds interesting? Then let’s dig right in!

Here’s how audio transcription can enhance your online business

Fusing your marketing technique with the audio allows you to connect with your audience in a much better way and improve the interaction. Do you also have the habit of turning to the last page of a book before finishing it to check how the author looks? Well, you are not the only one. I often do that and I also often visit a website and click on the about us tab to get some info about the brains who run the organization or the business. Well, this is not a habit of a voyeur but I am just like a lot of people willing to know a bit more about the company I want to be connected with.

Now, when someone gets the audio on your file, you provide  the visitors with the perfect opportunity to hear your voice and that creates an instant connection. There can be a thousand different ways to use this audio file. You can just use it to say hello or even tell them something about yourself and why you have started this company. You can also jump right into the sales pitch and tell everyone why and how your products can make a solid impact in their lives. If they hear it from you they are more likely to believe it.

One suggestion to keep in your head while creating the audio file is to make the listening optional. Now, you don’t want to impose anything, isn’t it? So, you should keep the audio optional for the audience. Also, you don’t know about the location where they are listening to this, so the option will help them to manage the situation likewise.

The audio file is a wonderful option to use in case you want to help your audience with some instructions about using the product. The Mp3 file can be an excellent alternative for the email-address. If your website is a kind where there is a lot of written information for the audience then the audio files can make the experience much more interactive and easy. They can understand them better and can even share them with others. This will undoubtedly increase the exposure of your company.

In this respect, another service that can be very effective for your business is the transcription service. When it comes to audio files, the transcription service is very much necessary as it will allow a wide range of audiences to get connected with your business through audio marketing.

For example, if your audience is unable to use the auditory senses then the transcription can convey the message to him. Also, if the person is unable to understand the language or very much new to the language then this transcription can be a wonderful method to get the information conveyed.

What About The Cost?

The cost to make the audio files can vary from source to source. It can also vary based on the content. Like, there are many tools on the internet which can help you come up with these files. You can embed your website with them at virtually no cost at all. One such audio program is Audacity. This is an open source program which enables you to record telephone interviews or conference calls and  then save them as MP3s.

The other part of the cost lies with the transcription service. In this case, you should always go for the expert service providers and not the machine transcription service. Your content is unique and so should be the transcription. That’s why only an expert professional or one such firm that offer human transcription services should undertake the project.

You can work directly with the firm or the project head and share your thoughts with them. The experience will not be fulfilling unless the transcription and the audio file share parity with each other. This is why you should always opt for the human professionals and not the programmed machines.

Another great benefit of the audio file is that you can easily convert them from the print format to audio format. For instance, you have a report which has given you great results as a content piece. Now you can just transfer it into an audio file by just speaking into a microphone. Just keep the transcription with it and it can immediately create the perfect audience engagement.

Nowadays, podcasts are growing by leaps and bounds. With this trend going on, you can very easily incorporate it and use it to reach your audience weekly via your voice. It’s much better than reaching them via email right? They can also go viral and you can share them or recommend them to fans. Here you can use the transcription service and make the perfect transcripts for your podcasts and increase the audience reach.

What Else?

So with the above discussion, you now have a fair idea about the reasons to use audio marketing for your business. It is cost effective, easy to use, interactive and also allows you to communicate directly with the customers on a more personal level.

Combine this with the transcription service and the audience reach is even more extended. With the audio transcription for your business in 2020, you will introduce a fresh new perspective in this trying time. Needless to say, they can be very beneficial in the long run for your brand and your business.

Should you have any other queries regarding this topic feel free to mention them in the space below and we’ll be addressing them to the best of our knowledge.

Best Of Luck!

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