Benefits of using Online Audio Transcription Services

Online audio transcription services reduce any difficulties in the conversion of audio and video into text. It is an easy and efficient way to get recordings of voices in written form. Online transcription services are very helpful for all segments of the business. Individuals who are academicians, medical, and legal professionals make use of online transcription service to free up the time they have so they can perform other tasks.

Details of Online Transcription Services

Online transcription services are the one-stop solution to businesses that have diverse segments. Even conferences that are recorded, seminars, conference calls, or interviews etcetera can quickly be transcribed within the projected turnaround time. Professional transcription services give you a 99% accurate result within a short amount of time. And these results are delivered with data security assurance. The importance of online transcription services can never dwindle because it seems to be growing faster and more prominent as each day passes. There are different types of online audio transcription services. We offer:

  • Academic Transcription Services
  • Legal Transcription Services
  • Podcast Transcription Services
  • Business Transcription Services
  • Audio Transcription Services
  • Video Transcription Services
  • Interview Transcription Services
  • Focus group Transcription Services
  • Digital Transcription Services
  • Insurance Transcription Services
  • Meeting Transcription Services
  • Dictation Transcription Services
  • Market Research Transcription Services
  • Voice Transcription Services
  • Conference Call Transcription Services
  • Investigative Transcription Services
  • Sermon Transcription Services
  • Verbatim Transcription Services
  • Spanish Transcription Services
  • Portuguese Transcription Services

Online Transcription services are not expensive and quite affordable regarding your needs. The cost may differ as per turnaround time because 100% transcriptionists provide an output that has quality.

Audio transcription services are demanded highly by businesses as well as individuals. Transcription US is an online transcription company that takes care of all your transcription needs.

Online transcription services give the quickest of results in the shortest possible time. Some people still associate the word transcription or transcribe with a court reporter i.e., a person who produces a written version of words spoken in court hearings. Transcriptions in recent times are more than courtrooms or interview, and they are fast becoming assets that are accessible in the field. The covering of multimedia services with transcription is an excellent way to cover all the bases for reaching out to a broader audience. People have their individual preferences on how they engage an audience with information and transcription of your content. They, therefore, offer your audience several options on hearing, reading, or viewing your information. In this manner, more people can be served by you while your content outreach increased. Listed below are the benefits of using online audio transcription services.

 1. Time Is Saved

A time-consuming process is the conversion of voice to text. If you decide to transcribe your files yourself, the process takes a whole lot of time. For example, we do know that the transcribing of one-hour audio can take a period of three to five hours. If your typing skills are not good enough, imagine the number of hours it would take you to transcribe! This reason is why you have to outsource your work content to professionals in online audio transcription services.

2. Accessibility

Online transcription services helps those who cannot listen to or watch your content get easy access to it.

3. Written Format Is Allowed To Be Created From Your Recordings

In the business world of today, there is a series of endless meetings, interviews, conferences, and seminar being conducted regularly. Taking down of notes is not an easy task in such a situation for a person or member to handle alone. Instead of business to spend needless time over documentation, they prefer to outsource their documentation to professionals. Who are these professionals? The online audio transcription services in which online audio transcription is given.

4. It Helps In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Transcription enables the search engines to crawl and index the information of your multimedia using the audio and video formats.

5. Great Way to Distribute Information

Although there is nothing wrong with distributing information in audio format, it is just that accessing the files may be a bit difficult. Online audio transcription helps in making your records more accessible and easy to distribute to every corner of the world

6. Transfer of Knowledge

Online audio transcription helps in the transfer of knowledge. What people do not know can quickly be learned with this technology in place. Transcription of recordings on the appropriate multimedia space goes a long way in helping business visibility and feasibility.

7. More Viewers

Video blogging and advertising on channels such as YouTube are now becoming the latest fad in recent times. It will be an excellent idea if you can add subtitle to your videos using online audio transcription. When you have subtitles, viewers can double-check with ease what is being said in the video in case they lacked understanding of a correct word or misheard. This point is also an essential benefit of online audio transcription services. The viewers can also watch the video when it is muted if there is non-availability of headphones. These various reasons show that having a subtitle on your videos can significantly improve traffic on your channel.

8. Full text versus Notes

In some situations, having the original text is very much essential than just having notes when online audio transcription is about to take place. For example, included in such situations are official reports where the word-to-word text becomes a tendered legal document. Besides, it is becoming more popular to transcribe therapy and sermon sessions. In a case like that, a full text is undeniably more useful than notes.

9. It is easy to handle

When a dissertation is written, or research is about to be done. For example, it might at a point it time get a bit difficult to track down information from an audio file. Transcriptions are not just only an excellent way to store data, and it also lets you search for the document with keywords that are required. Words can be copied and pasted from the passages in the transcription square to another document.


All these are the benefits of using online transcription services. To recall these benefits include the distribution of more information, an increase in viewers, easy to handle, SEO, accessibility, and appropriate use of time. One will not regret having an online transcription service.

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