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audio transcription

Audio transcription involves the conversion of audio files into words. Audio files could take several forms such as mp3 format, au format, m4a format and so on. Many companies make use audio transcription services to document their audio files traditionally to word format. It cuts across almost every sector or industry like educational institutions, media, legal, business, and many others.

Many institutions use audio transcription services as a way of promoting their awareness online to improve their ranking on search engines. They take useful audio files and convert them into the text to be used on their websites and blogs.

Institutions also use audio transcription services as a means of providing another option for those who are unable to hear. A lot of businesses employ audio transcription services in order to save time and money. Audio transcription companies are skilled in offering accurate documentation of speeches, depositions, interviews, court cases, briefs, meetings, dictations, telephone conversations, lectures, conferences, and so on into text format.

A good transcriptionist must possess the following qualities:


In order to ensure quality, a good transcriptionist must be fluent in the language of the audio to be transcribed. He or she must be a native speaker of the language. This is because it would be easier to understand since that's how he speaks too. A transcriptionist who isn't fluent in the language used in the audio might encounter some difficulties converting the audio file into text format.


A good transcriptionist must be accurate in converting precisely what is said in the audio file into word format. No one is going to like an individual or hire a company which cannot provide accurate and precise transcription of the audio file into text format. Omitting some words may not be condoned as it may be very important to the client.

Grammatically Sound

A good transcriptionist must be grammatically sound. He or she must be able to understand the content appropriately. A good transcriptionist has to be well-versed in grammar as well as in punctuations. He or she should be able to correct the grammar where wrong. He must understand the correct use of grammar. He should be able to deliver content free from grammatical blunders.

Proper Interpretation

A good transcriptionist must be able to decipher the intention of the speaker when a particular part of the audio is unclear. He should be able to know what the speaker intended to say so as to know the right thing to input.

Our team of expert transcriptionists possesses all these qualities listed above. We are here to ensure that customers can sit back, relax, and enjoy peace of mind. We also guarantee a 98% rate of accuracy such that every work handled by our team of expert transcriptionists will meet and even exceed the clients' expectations. In addition, any final transcript delivered, which doesn't meet up with the clients' expectations will be redone at no extra cost to the client.

Here, below are why our customers love us:

98% Accuracy Rate

Our audio file transcription service is among one of the best with a 98% accuracy rate or more. We make sure our transcriptionists are native speakers of the language before hiring them. We also subject them to a series of tests as a way of screening and selecting the best-qualified ones

Fast Turnaround

We are not a transcription establishment that wastes the time of clients. We offer audio transcription services with quick delivery

Reasonable Rates

You may be thinking that getting transcripts this easily must cost a fortune, but it's not true. Most of our customers are mostly amazed by how affordable and convenient it can be when they need our services. We offer audio transcription services at a reasonable rate. You don't have to break the bank before making use of our services.

Money-Back Guarantee

With our money-back guarantee, clients have the opportunity to ask for a refund in case they're not satisfied with our services.


Q1: How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

A: It depends on the speed of the transcriptionist. We have heard of transcriptionist who transcribe 20 to 30 minutes of audio in one hour. Ideally, an hour audio should take not less than four hours to be transcribed.

Q2: What Does it Mean to Transcribe Audio to Text?

A: Audio transcription involves the conversion of audio format into text format.

Q3: Can you transcribe my audio file the way I want?

A: Yes, we can. However, you’ll have to tell us the way you want it done.

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