Human Transcription Scores Above Automated Transcription

Transcription is the document that contains information in the form of words of an audio/video file either recorded in an interview or a meeting. Professional transcription services are like words from an audio file written in a document with a little bit more information related to it like background noise, music, time of the meeting and users, etc.

Transcription refers to the conversion of audio/video files into the text to know more about the accurate and in-depth meaning of speech. To comprehend the meaning it is compulsory to pay attention to the professional transcription services.

Importance of transcription?

Every meeting has an agenda which is recorded in the audio/video form. These video/audio files are then converted into an accurate text document. The document should have clarity concerning the understanding and writing tone of the text. These two things are considered as the characteristics of accurate professional transcription services. Because inaccurate information or misspelled words can cause trouble for the readers and not only confuse readers but also lead to a big loss of trust between two parties which ultimately affects the earning rate. Human or automated transcription services prove helpful for those who are deaf or for such situations where a person can’t make sure of his presence to listen all this conversation.

Several ways are there to transcript audio/video files into text. But here we are in between the human and automated transcription services and have to decide which one performs better and gives high accuracy. Let’s dive into the discussion and see the consequences of automated and human transcription services to make a healthy decision.

Automated Transcription Services

In automated transcription services, AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software is used to recognize textual data from audio files and translate those words into text. A lot of resources are there like on Facebook and YouTube that use this kind of speech to text technology. One of the well-known tools or software on YouTube is auto-captions, Apple Pages, Google Docs, Named Entity recognition system, Google translator, dictation on the computer and many more. Technology is improving drastically and gaining more accuracy.

Companies make use of automated transcription services or tools when they need a rough text draft of an audio file in a limited time with a limited budget. When people want to edit the audio file then automated transcription services suit best concerning the budget as well as efforts that are needed to edit a file from scratch. 

Human Transcription Services

Human transcription services are available through Transcription US. In Human transcription services, the trained people listen to the audio files carefully and convert speech into text. Lot of companies, not for profit organizations and legal firms always hire a person to get professional transcription services who writes down the meeting’s agenda into a document to maintain database record. It is suitable and affordable for legal firms, courts, corporate companies or market research companies which is carried out to launch a mega product. It is adopted by a company when they need to publish an urgent article of an interview.

How Human transcription scores more?

Automated software is developed by a human who can make mistakes unintentionally while training data for the model. Once faulty data is trained whole results can destroy the efforts and this is one of its major drawbacks. To train it like human behavior mistakes are mandatory to made in it which are further corrected. The whole procedure takes time to get trained and comprehending the meaning of words found in audio files. Moreover, the automated world has not yet touched the 98% accuracy standards of speech to text. If you can sacrifice on accuracy then feel free to use automated transcription services at much cheaper rates.

At the time of choosing transcription services, human transcription services is preferred as compared to the automated transcription services because humans are the creator of automated transcriptions systems. If an error occurs in real-time, software can’t handle itself or couldn’t find a way to resolve the issue while the human does. A minor mistake in software can lead a company to a huge loss and it can be avoided by getting human transcription services who ensures the audio to text conversion accurately as far as possible.

Transcription US has expert transcriptionists who knows how to handle issues that arise suddenly. Expert human transcription services have received 99% better transcription accuracy with clear understanding and affordable prices.


A variety of firms or organizations choose highly ranked websites for transcription like Transcription US which provides human transcription services due to high scores. Widely used sources are like corporate companies, video production companies, legal firms, educational institutions, and market research centers. Professional transcription services save time from data collection and money on resource allocation. Trusting in human transcription services means fewer errors and less time to resolve issues.

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