Interview Transcription Services an Indispensable User Aid for Researchers

Many industries and academic organizations are involving in qualitative and quantitative research. These institutions are looking to explore the cultural trends, societies, individual’s habits, and language ranking. For their studies they contact number of interviews and focus group studies. They normally record the interviews and focus group discussions in the form of audio or video. Therefore, researchers have to listen to audio files, again and again, to analyze the material and make a statement having high accuracy. Digital recording plays an important role in research either in the form of audio or video to research content documents. Research transcription services are provided by “Transcription US” that allow scholars to focus on the matter instead of taking short notes of the discussion by hand.

Why Interview transcription is important?

When you are engaged in fieldwork or a group of people, it is mandatory to record each and everything of your respondents. Interview transcription has made it easier for you and it is like: you don’t need to listen to every word carefully and save in your memory rather than you can focus on interviewee tone, language, and expressions. We all know that human reading power is much faster than listening to power. If an interview is of 90 minutes then it doesn’t mean to spend 90 minutes on every interview recording, it should take hardly 15-20 minutes to read all interview transcription.

Interview Transcription services in Research

Interview transcription services are inevitable in any research. Research without accuracy, documentation, and storage is merely a useless piece of paper for scholars. Researchers are appreciated if they get complete their research in a short time span with great accuracy. It shows that time and accuracy are the two basic pillars of measuring the research standards. This type of research demands measurable data that may come from direct sources and interviews or surveys are compulsory to gather such type of data. Interviews are recorded either in the form of audio or in written transcripts. When your research is largely based on recorded interviews than its compulsory to maintain them in a repository which could be possible through interview transcription services.

Major interview transcription services benefits are detailed below:

It maintains content in documents:

Interview transcription services help scholars to convert audio files into a written text-based document for the sake of analysis, storage, and sharing.

It takes less memory:

Interview’s audio files take more space in memory as compare to the text files and it becomes easier to share interview transcription with other researchers or individuals through any sharing media.

Easily translated:

Research transcriptions services help a non-native person to translate it into his native language for the sake of reading and understanding well. 

It preserves time:

Research always takes time to solve complex and lengthy problems, so scholars don’t waste any opportunity which can save their time. Instead of listening whole recorded interview file they would rush towards typed interview transcription to grab faster facts. Not only this, they don’t need to play the audio file again and again to understand a minor fact. They don’t need to make hand notes of the whole conversation. Rather they can keep their concentration on the interviewee’s body language, facial expressions, tone and answer’s correctness.

It gives high accuracy:

It’s a fact that when a person makes hand notes during an interview he can’t write all the questions and answers. After the interview, he has to recall his memory that what question he asked and what type of answer he got from the interviewee. Interview transcription services give you perfect documents having whole interview conversation.

Easily Extractable:

Research transcription services fulfill the Standard protocols of research like transferability, reliability, and context. Scholars can copy a short part of the interview transcription and can use it in analysis to adhere to the standard protocols of research. 

Accessible to everyone:

Research work is not published by the only person, it is possible with the help of a team and its compulsory for everyone to keep interview data for reviewing purpose. Interview transcription services make it possible and every team member can get guidance from transcribed documents instead of going through digital recording. Research transcription services make sure the presence and active participation of every team member in research projects.


Research transcription services will give you an opportunity to think about the activities that you posed during an interview and how other participants have molded themselves according to it.

Lessen the burden of multi-taskers:

Many people are multi-tasker, they have to handle many things at the same time, interview transcription services help them to focus on the main and crucial task, knowing that afterward, they are going to get the whole recording in a written form through research transcription services.

Final Words

Academic research and market research always takes time, resources and energy. Interview transcription services help you a lot in your tough schedule and save you from a tiresome transcription work.

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