Interview transcription services a tool your small business needs to scale and grow in 2020

Interview transcription services professionally convert recorded interviews into digital text files. Interview transcription services are an essential tool that all journalists, writers, researchers, and managers must possess.

A journalist needs interview transcriptions for writing their next hot story. That is because they need valid and accurate information which interview transcripts provide. The legal field heavily relies on police tapes, court interviews, and witness statements, and therefore, having interview transcripts is crucial to verifying, corresponding, and confirming their information. 

Businesses are often engaged in a lot of interviews, brainstorming sessions, meetings, conferences, and they, therefore, require business transcription services to be able to write reports, make decisions, and even conduct business analysis. Numerous benefits are obtained from business transcription services, including accuracy, saving time, easy collaboration, increased focus, and organization. Let us have a look at the benefits.

Benefits of Interview Transcription Services

  1. Interview transcription services save time
  2. These services permit easier collaboration
  3. They ensure accuracy
  4. Enable the interviewer to concentrate on the interview instead of taking notes

Interview transcription services save time

Do you know that a one hour video usually takes five to six hours or even more to transcribe depending on your proficiency and skill level? That is a lot of time to spend on a single task. You could productively use that same time to compile your research and analyze it. By employing a professional interview transcription services, you consequently save more time.

How long does it take you to listen to a 3 hour audio interview? That’s right, 3 hours. But it will take you less than an hour to read an interview transcript.  Therefore, interview transcription services are a worthwhile investment.

Finding a fact in an audio and video file is very cumbersome. You have to keep playing the audio back to find the specific segment that you need. Imagine how easy it would be to find a direct quote by an interviewee in a transcribed text. It is as easy as skimming and scanning through the digital document. You can also quickly look at the time stamp on your interview transcript and refer to it in your audio file if you need to have a listen.

These services permit easier collaboration

Interviewers often produce a lot of audio and video content, which can prove to be cumbersome when the interviewer needs to share it with a team. Consider this, when collaborating with a group, it is much easier to share interview transcripts because they are small-sized and easy to distribute. The same cannot be said of audio and video files because they are typically bulky and require a lot of time to share. Besides, they need a lot of storage space, which can be quite inconvenient for individuals without enough storage on their devices. It is, therefore, more comfortable for a team to contribute when they are working with interview transcripts. They can quickly make comments, highlight sentences, and even annotate on the text and transfer it back. Interview transcription services, consequently, allow for seamless collaboration between teams.

They ensure accuracy

Researchers and journalists need to be accurate in their work because they are profoundly relied upon to give genuine and absolute accounts of events and studies. Having digital transcripts of their interviews ensures that they can readily quote the interviewee without putting their words out of context. Also, when listening to audio content, it is easy to miss out on some of the words, but interview transcription services ensure accurate transcription of the audio.

In some cases, an interviewer is required to produce a written record of an interview, and business transcription services provide digital text that the interviewer can use. Having a digital transcript of a conversation also allows the interviewer to fill information gaps and conduct quality follow up research. They can easily detect missing information or information that needs clarification.

Enable the interviewer to concentrate on the interview instead of taking notes

Multi-tasking is a highly valued skill in the present day, but in several cases, it can be detrimental. For a researcher, it can affect the quality of the responses and get in the way of an interview. Envisage being an interviewee, and every few minutes, your interviewer stops for a long while to scribble down your responses. That’s very distracting. Interview transcription services are highly advantageous because they can help an interviewer focus on carrying out the interview instead of recording, asking questions, and writing down notes. They can help the interviewer concentrate on the interviewee’s body language, voice tone, facial expressions, ask more directed questions, and be in the moment. 


Interview transcription services,” the term may look very simple and common. However, transcribing interviews is not an easy task as one may suppose. In the same way running a business is also not effortless. Starting a business may appear simple or easy. However, taking the same business to the next level is not an easy task as this involves promotion and creation of brand awareness among the potential customers. Business growth depends on the continuous efforts of the marketing department. To achieve business growth, the marketing department quite often tries to get feedback from the customers in the form of interviews. These interviews will be transcribed and published on their website to create awareness about their product and customer service.

In this process, one cannot overlook the effectiveness of interview transcription services provided by professional business transcription companies. Professional transcription companies train their transcribers to capture everything that is being discussed during the interview to provide valuable information to their clients. Interview transcription serves as a snippet to create promotional video, podcast, brochure, etc.

At, we value the growth of your business; thus, we offer you interview transcription services at a very affordable rate. Contact us today to get started. Get started today to be ahead tomorrow.

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