Interview Transcription Services in Market Research Companies

Before releasing a product in the market, research in marketing companies is very significant. For this, they have to undergo a number of steps for achieving the most wanted results. Research in marketing is mainly, directly involving in conversation with the audience for whom the product is under process, by getting the suggestions and opinions from the audience for the improvement of the product. As the competition in the market is so high, it is the dire need of providers to sell the most refined product in the market.

Market Research Transcription

Market research transcription services translate audio and video recorded research data into the word form. It includes all the verbal and nonverbal expressions of interviewee i.e. their likes, dislikes, suggestions regarding product, criticism, opinions, facial expressions, etc. This research transcription helps in interpreting and analyzing data easily.  

Types of Research Transcription

There are a number of methods such as surveys and questionnaires in research but in marketing interviews and focus groups, discussions are considered as the most important tool for data collection.

In-depth interviews

It is the most common method in which interviews conducted from participants are converted into transcribed form. Interviews might be conducted through audio and video calls etc. Transcribed interviews are easy to analyze. By this, we can easily assess the problem in one go.

Focus group discussions

It is also a very common form of research transcription services. It includes one representative and 3-10 participants. It purely focuses on the topic so that verbatim is transcribed carefully and no idea is lost given by respondents. Like interview research transcription services, in focus group discussion the data is transcribed and recorded through audio and video calls.

Ways to Interview Transcription 

There are a number of ways through which we can transcribe interviews.

Transcribing manually

Manual interview transcription services are helpful in interviewing two or more individuals. Manual transcription can be done by yourself or an expert can be hired for this specific purpose.

Video text converter

Video convertors can transcribe the video into textual form by incorporating nonverbal expressions., transcribe MP4 to text are helpful. 

Audio text converters

Audio converters are also a good option in converting audio into text. It automatically generates the transcript. But it is not reliable. You still have to read it so that errors can be excluded.

Transcription agencies

If you have no time or there is any difficulty in interpreting or analyzing the language you can take help from outsourcing agencies that can give you desired results. You just have to send your instructions to them and they will provide your work on time.

Benefits of Interview Transcription in Marketing

By transcribing interviews it becomes easy to assess reviews of interviewees about the product. Instead of focusing on every question asked by the interviewer, transcribed interviews give a quick review of the product like the suggestions given by interviewee, criticism, the most and least like feature of product, taste, color, etc. By adding nonverbal expressions increases its efficacy. 

Transcription as stimuli

Transcription is used as stimuli in market research. In advertisements, converting the videos and audios into word form may be used as captions for individuals who don’t understand the language of a particular area.

Improve productivity

It increases productivity if the reviews are valid and helpful in refining the product. By taking the interview transcription services chances of errors become less as the professionals are involved in transcribing the interviews.

Time saver

It saves time and gives the desired results on time. Instead of listening and watching the videos of participants, again and again, interview transcription services help in focusing on main points that not only save time of researcher but also give faster and more accurate results if focusing on nonverbal expressions too.

Tagging and documentation

By tagging and documentation in the text, it becomes easier for market researchers to take the study on next level. Like by adding descriptions like the most or least desired feature of product. The participant’s name, number can also be tagged so that it becomes easier to give reference. Time stamping can also be done to identify the time of participant in audio or video clip.


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