What is a transcription service and who really needs transcription services?

Transcription is meant to be the medium that allows us to understand a given topic from one medium to another medium. For example, an audio file transcribed into text format for everyone to read while hearing it.

But the process sounds much simpler when described, however, executing it is not at all child’s play. It takes a lot to complete a job of transcription and when it comes to the transcription for your business or other serious matter, only an transcription expert can show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

But what is a transcription service?

A transcription service is a process of converting speech, recorded or live, into written or electronic text document. Transcription services are usually provided for business, legal, medical, trade associations, meeting planners, nonprofits and individual concerns. Online transcription services also come handy to individuals wanting to write a book but do not have the time or the expertise, may just record their ideas, and then employ the services of a transcriptionist.

Transcription service saves up a lot of time for the writer and makes the process less laborious as well. However, you might have to pay top-dollar to opt for such a service to aid your hobbies.

A number of trained secretaries often use the Shorthand technique to record speech. But this used to make the transcription facility quite a difficult job afterwards. However, then the introduction of tape cassettes and portable recorders happened and the whole process became much easier and several new possibilities emerged.

The best part of Cassettes is that they can travel through internal mail or external mail. This means that the transcribers can easily bring their work in their own office which can be in a completely different location. This increases the level of convenience for the professional.

With this facility around some of the transcribers can even work on their projects from home, provided they adhere to the deadlines determined by the clients.

What Is Today’s Picture?

Thanks to the technological advancements of the current era, professionals can now transcribe almost anything, and that even quite rapidly. An mp3, for example, can be easily used to record speech. Then you can just upload the recording to a PC and email within minutes to someone who could be anywhere in the world.

The transcriber can then replay the audio a number of times and transcribe it. Or, one can just send the mp3 as external mail as well. Afterwards, the finished document can be emailed back and printed out or incorporated into other documents. This can all be executed within just a few hours after the original recording being made.

One must also bear in mind the sensitivity of documents, and thus the industry best practices must be followed. A good and competent transcriptionist will never overlook the aspect of data security. This is very important, especially when dealing with government agencies, law firms, courts and other business concerns as their data are usually highly security sensitive.

The Cost:

Now, the cost of transcription service often varies from individual to individual and maybe from agencies to agencies. It can also be counted as per line, per word, per minute, or per hour, depending on individual or organization.

However, usually the industry standard for transcribing an audio file may take one hour for every 15 minutes of audio. Although, in today’s world, the time for transcription has been reduced with the use of software, it’s not always prudent to opt for them.

I personally do not encourage the use of software as there are unavoidable errors inherent in their use. No matter how high-tech a software is, it takes a human to conduct accurate editing and proofreading.

Who Benefits the Most from Transcription Services?

A number of clients and service providers often require the transcription services as the text files of audio/video recording are more acceptable and useful to end-users. Some of them are as follows:

Legal sector: The legal sector is one of the leading users of the service. The professionals such as attorneys, court reporters, paralegals, and law firms. They often need transcriptions of legal witnesses’ statements, court hearings, depositions, and recorded evidence. These professionals use transcription service to provide judges, juries, and lawyers with the  perfect transcript of the audio/video file. Now they can easily read them while the recording is played in court. This clears out the possibilities of misinterpretation.

Healthcare and medical practitioners: This is another field where they frequently request the transcription of patients’ notes, procedures, and other materials which they put in the patients’ records.

Education sector: This is another sector where people taking doctorate degrees, lecturers, and students may also require transcription services. Here most of the materials are for interviews, research, seminars, and class lectures and they are generally in audio and video formats. So the transcription services can aid many colleges and universities and its students.

Market researchers: Transcription service can also be hugely beneficial for market researchers. They usually benefit a lot from the transcription service to have a written file of interviews, discussions, feedback, and other data. With this they can have a clean and accurate record of the precise responses from participants.

Business sector: Last but not the least is the business sector. Here one can upload the transcribed versions of the keynote speeches during significant events and make it more accessible for all others.

Some of the companies can use it as a great marketing tool in order to reach a wider audience and connect with them better. Suppose you have a website and it hosts a number of audio content related to promotion. The transcription can make it easy to grasp and also it can be very much accessible for people who have hearing problems.

Some of the entrepreneurs can also use it to make their agenda clearly presented before their audience.


Transcription service, apart from these sectors mentioned above, can be immensely beneficial for other people like content creators or video producers. For them transcription can work as a great boon.

With the transcription software the chances of errors are always there. However, if you are looking for a customized approach then opting  for human transcription is the best option possible.

With the expert human professionals, you can always have a personalized touch and not a hackneyed robotic approach. Human transcriptions are less faulty and their immense knowledge and experience will always deliver you the best outcome possible.

Should you have any further concerns about the transcription service, feel free to mention them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you with the best of our knowledge.

4 thoughts on “What is a transcription service and who really needs transcription services?”

  1. A transcription service is a professional service that converts audio or video recordings into written text. It involves listening to an audio or video recording and typing out the spoken words, including any nuances or accents.

    Transcription services can benefit a wide range of industries and individuals, including medical professionals, legal teams, journalists, researchers, podcasters, YouTubers, and even students. Essentially, anyone who needs to accurately capture spoken content can benefit from transcription services.

    Transcription services provide an accurate and efficient way to document and preserve important conversations, speeches, and interviews. They can save time and increase productivity by allowing individuals to focus on the content rather than the task of transcribing. Overall, transcription services can be an invaluable tool for anyone looking to create accurate written records of spoken content.

  2. I never imagined that using transcription services for legal purposes would be advantageous; I always assumed that they would be used for podcasts and movies. The structure of legal transcribing, as you mentioned, is the best format for attorneys to comprehend the full situation, which can be useful when they must offer evidence. To guarantee that everything is completed correctly and accurately, it would be useful to hire expert legal transcription services. Thanks for sharing; I will certainly spread the word!

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