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Media Transcription Services


Media Transcription Services offered by the professionals who are experienced in film industry. We provide transcription for movies, documentaries, television shows, reality shows, radio broadcasts and interviews. Quality transcription is crucial in media industries as it saves their valuable time and effort.

Media transcription services that are specific to the industry and we are capable of providing customized transcription as per your requirement.

Media Transcription Services

Media transcription services are offered to media agencies who are involved in film production, entertainment documentary production, TV shows, radio reality shows etc. Media transcription requires specialized team who are trained in specific industry.

Media transcription services save a lot of time and money for the cast and management of the concerned team. Transcription US provides media transcriptions prepared by experts who are qualified in the field of industry to give you customized transcriptions as per your requirements. Media transcriptions provided at the transcription US are 98% accurate and precise.

Script Transcription Services

The script transcription services provided by transcription US are the best transcription services as the transcribers are qualified in the field of the film industry. Transcription US also provides media transcription with a time code of 30 seconds, or at the start of every conversation or as per your request. The time code media transcriptions are very vital for interviews, television shows, movies and documentaries, the transcription US will provide you with a 100% accurate and precise results. The transcription US is committed to providing you with the best results with low and cheap prices when it comes to media transcriptions.

Media Transcription with Time-Code

Media transcription with Time-Code is essential for movies, documentaries, television shows and interviews at times. We have specialized media transcription writers who are well trained in movie transcription. We provide transcription with time-code at every 30 seconds or at the start of every conversation as per your request.

Cheap Media Transcription Services

Cheap media transcription services is our specialized service to multimedia companies. We provide affordable media transcription services per audio or video minute. “Transcription US” is an online media transcription services committed to provide high quality media transcription at a fast turnaround.

Transcription US also specializes in: video transcription services, talk shows transcription services, television shows transcription services, smartphones transcription services, radio transcription services, podcast transcription services, mp3 to text transcription services, entertainment transcription services, documentary transcription services and more. We offer many foreign language transcriptions for our clients including German media transcription, Arabic media transcription, French media transcription, Italian media transcription, Spanish media transcription, Cantonese media transcription, Mandarin media transcription, Portuguese media transcription, Russian media transcription, Tagalong media transcription and many more.

We also provide the following services:

  • Documentary Transcription Services
  • Entertainment Transcription Services
  • mp3 to text Transcription Services
  • Podcast Transcription Services
  • Radio Transcription Services
  • Smartphone Transcription Services
  • TV Show Transcription Services
  • Talk Shows Transcription Services
  • Video Transcription Services
  • Foreign Language Media Transcription:

  • Arabic Media Transcription
  • Cantonese Media Transcription
  • French Media Transcription
  • German Media Transcription
  • Italian Media Transcription
  • Mandarin Media Transcription
  • Portuguese Media Transcription
  • Russian Media Transcription
  • Spanish Media Transcription
  • Tagalog Media Transcription
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