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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Audio transcription is a service that converts the recorded audio to a well formatted text. Business, non-profit organization and students are greatly benefitted out of audio transcription service. We at " Transcription US" provide clean transcription, verbatim transcription and time-coded transcription as per your requirement.

Clean transcription is typing out everything that's spoken on an audio or video recording while leaving out the irrelevant parts like fillers (ums, ahs, you knows, etc.), false starts, repeated words, interruptions, etc.

Verbatim transcription is typing out everything that's spoken on an audio or video recording including uhs, ums, false starts and stutters.

Category A refers to the studio quality audio (movies and radio programs)
Category B refers to the American accent and without background noise
Category C refers to the audios with background noise, people speaking over one another, low speaking voices, and with thick accents.

Affordable Transcription with no compromise in quality and accuracy can be obtained at Transcription US.

Confidentiality is the top priority in our business. All our employees need to sign an agreement agreeing not to disclose any client information. We delete all the audio and video files from our server 30 days from the time the transcription is delivered. We will be happy to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with individuals upon request.

We have transcriptionists from a variety of backgrounds. You can specify the topic when you place your order so agents with experience in that field can work on your files. We are not HIPAA compliant or court-certified.
Yes - we make reference to each individual speaker and keep the reference consistent throughout the transcript.
If the recording has more than three speakers, speakers may be referenced as Male or Female rather than individually numbered.
Yes. We guarantee 98% consistent accuracy. If the transcript does not meet the accuracy, write back to us. We'll be happy to redo it for free.
Please contact us within 7 days from the day the transcript is delivered. Money back guarantee is valid for Good and Excellent category audio.
Money back guarantee is not applicable for Foreign Language Transcription and Translation Services. Kindly conduct us within 5 days from the transcript is delivered for additional round of proof-reading or revision.
Yes, we offer 5 minutes free trial for new customers who send more than 3 hours of audio or video file(s). Free trial is offered for English Transcription alone.
Yes, we have referral program. Refer a friend is a benefit plan that help you to get 10% discount on all the "Verbatim Transcription". You are free to refer our services to your friend or colleague. When your friend successfully places the first order, you are eligible to get 10% discount on all your future orders.
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