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As much as people like to watch your videos on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook about your tutorial or business, it can't be as explicit as a written content. According to statistics, a large number of people prefer to read contents online rather than watch. There are so many factors contributing to that. Contents are easily accessible; you don't need much data to learn content online but to stream a video, you'll need a reliable Wi-Fi. You can't watch a video in just anywhere. You'll probably need some headphones.

Reading content, on the other hand, can come in handy anywhere anytime. This is where we come in!

We offer quality and accurate transcription of your video files and convert them into text format. When you provide an alternative to your viewers by giving them a text format of your online videos, you are giving room for more viewers which include those that cannot ear properly but can read. This could be a better way of marketing your business or whatever you do.

Benefits of Video Transcription Services

Here are a few reasons why you need video transcription services:

1. Improvement of Accessibility

If you want your content to reach every corner of the world, you will need to make use of a video transcription services to convert your video files into word format. According to the WHO, millions of people in the world have hearing problems not to talk about the totally deaf people. Don't they deserve to understand your content too? Getting your videos in word format gives every single human the equal chance to understand and make use of your services. Looking at it from another angle, you can easily download content rather than a video. Nowadays, video files take a lot of space due to their size. If you ask me, I'll recommend you have both video and text format for your business.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Major search engines such as Google recognize rank contents more than videos. You can do a little research on that and find out if it's true. Getting a text version of your instructional video online would give search engines like Google to rank your website higher than when you make use of just videos. The same logic also applies to YouTube. A lot of people think that it is just about posting loads of videos, but videos with a full transcription of the video rank higher than those without transcription.

3. Better Understanding

Do you prefer to watch a video with a subtitle or not? I think everyone does. This is not because we don't understand the language but because it fosters a better understanding. When you have the full transcription of your video online, viewers can understand better what you were trying to pass across to them. Instead of watching a video, some people understand better by reading. This is more or less like giving everyone an equal chance or opportunity to understand whatever information you are trying to tell the public.

4. Improved Product Value

A fully transcribed video can help improve the value of your product. You have used a video to market your product, why not increase your chances by including a written content saying precisely the same thing in the video. Such that if people don't get to watch, they will definitely get to read.

5. Multipurpose

Not every business has the time to provide contents for marketing purposes. So, instead of hiring high profile content writers that may cost you a fortune, why not transcribe the video used to market your business and convert into a meaningful content to create a guide, eBook, social media post or an article.

Why choose us?

✓ Affordable RateAccurate copy 98% or more

Transcription US offers one of the best rates in the industry. Many people decide not to hire transcription companies when it comes to videos. They just assume that the video transcription services cost might be high. Well, we don’t like to charge our customers too much. Check out our video transcription rates here.

✓ Fast, Quality and Efficient Services

We also offer quality audio and video transcription services with fast turnaround time. You have to specify when you need your video transcript, and we will make it happen.

✓ High Accuracy Rate

We are among the top transcription establishments which offer the best rates as regards the accuracy of the transcript. We provide a verbatim transcription of video files into text formats such as subtitle of a movie or YouTube video.

✓ Trained and Experienced

We employ the services of a highly skilled and experienced team of intellectuals capable of handling any transcription work appropriately. We ensure proper screening of our transcriptionists just to select the best.

Types of Video Transcription Services

☆ Movie Video Transcription Services

☆ Sermon Video Transcription Services

☆ Online Video Transcription Services

☆ Business Video Transcription Services

☆ Interview Video Transcription Services

☆ Podcast Video Transcription Services

☆ Focus Group Video Transcription Services

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