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Arabic Transcription Services become crucial as global economy motivated business to expand across the world. Global presence and partnership is very much part of today’s survival and the same created the need for Arabic transcription services. Arabic is widely spoken in the world and Arabic is the official language of 26 Arab countries. Our Arabic transcriptionists are specialists in oil & gas, mining, construction, and engineering transcription, so you never have to worry about technical mistakes. “Transcription US” offers precise online Arabic transcription services at an incredibly low price.


Thank you very much! I have verified all transcripts. Thank you all for your continual hard work!

- Marlena C M

Looks incredible- thanks. I have 5 more to send and then another 5 in a week.

- Brenda Y

Thank you so much for sending them back so quickly. These look good thank you.

- Becca H

It was an absolutely excellent job 99%. I think only two 'inaudibles' in 80 minutes which I noticed with another company was an all too frequent crutch. So really good work.

- Jim B

I sent a board meeting mp3. Considering we had people talking at the same time, the transcription was pretty close to perfect.

- Ryan

Good work! I like the ease of the process from uploading of Video files to receiving the transcript. Furthermore, the price is close to my budget.

- Carson

Turnaround time was great and the website is very easy to use. Given the price, it seems that we certainly got a good deal I will contact next time.

- Madelyn

The service was good and the transcription accurate. I also appreciate the pricing!

- Steven P

The sermon was transcribed well and the pricing was amazing. I will certainly recommend your service!

- Joanna L

The chat service was good and finds option to accommodate my request. Keep up the good work.

- Rafael

Arabic Video Transcription

Arabic video transcription is essential for the movie producers and international corporate companies. Arabic video transcription is the source for closed caption in the movies and the can be translated into English for the wider global audience. We provide professional and accurate Arabic video transcription at an affordable price. We can transcribe time codes for Arabic movie transcription.

Arabic to English Transcription Services

Arabic to English transcription services are a great contribution to the financial, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technical and manufacturing companies which has their presence in Arabic countries. Our Arabic language experts are native speakers and provide quality and culturally relevant Arabic to English Transcription services.

Cheap Arabic Transcription Services

Cheap Arabic transcription services is the speciality of “Transcription US”. We are known for affordable English transcription in the United States. Arabic transcription services are required by our clients who operate globally and we are happy to provide cheap Arabic transcription to everyone.

Arabic to Arabic Transcription $2.50 per audio minute

Arabic to English Transcription $4.50 per audio minute

We also offer the following language transcription services:

  • Arabic Transcription
  • Armenian Transcription
  • Mandarin Transcription
  • Chinese Traditional Transcription
  • Danish Transcription
  • Dutch Transcription
  • French Transcription
  • German Transcription
  • Greek Transcription
  • Italian Transcription
  • Portuguese Transcription
  • Spanish Transcription

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