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Foreign language transcription is provided by the native transcription writers. We only employ experienced and talented transcribers to provide outstanding language transcription service to private individuals and global companies.If you are in need of language transcription then look no further. Our team of experienced and qualified team can assist with all your transcription needs.


Wow, that was really fast! Thanks so much – the early delivery is a huge help to our team! The transcription is great, and we'll definitely approach you again with any future FR transcription needs.

- Chelsey Lepage, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much Titus! This is fantastic work. I really appreciate your service and timely delivery. I will definitely use Transcription US again in the future. Thanks again!

- Joshua Kinne, Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely AWESOME! Thank you very much! Exactly the service I was hoping for! Keep up the good work!

- Quentin Miles, San Diego, CA

Thanks. Looks great. Can you please do this page as well. Happy to pay for this.

- Joseph A. Solomon, Telluride, CO

Thank you very much! I have verified all transcripts. Thank you all for your continual hard work!

- Marlena C M

Looks incredible- thanks. I have 5 more to send and then another 5 in a week.

- Brenda Y

Thank you so much for sending them back so quickly. These look good thank you.

- Becca Halbert, Carrollton, TX

It was an absolutely excellent job 99%. I think only two 'inaudibles' in 80 minutes which I noticed with another company was an all too frequent crutch. So really good work.

- James Becket, Ojai, CA

Good work! I like the ease of the process from uploading of Video files to receiving the transcript. Furthermore, the price is close to my budget.

- Carson

Turnaround time was great and the website is very easy to use. Given the price, it seems that we certainly got a good deal I will contact next time.

- Madelyn

The service was good and the transcription accurate. I also appreciate the pricing!

- Steven P

The sermon was transcribed well and the pricing was amazing. I will certainly recommend your service!

- Joanna L

The chat service was good and finds option to accommodate my request. Keep up the good work.

- Rafael

Transcription services basically involve the conversion of speech feed to text. We provide foreign language transcription for business, corporate, academic, interview, research, focus group, seminar, media, television, digital audio and video production, podcasts and many more.

Unlike other language transcription companies we have the capability of producing voice to text transcription of all media types including audio and video digital formats like aac, avi, dss, mov,mp3, mp4, wav, wma etc., into the preferred format of your choice either doc, text or PDF.

There are number of language transcription providers present. However, we have expertise in specific industry to provide accurate transcription. Our transcription agency follows three-step transcription process to ensure the superior quality transcript. Our professional listens to the speech and prepares initial transcription. The initial transcriptions are proofread by our proofreaders and then final transcript is proofread by our Quality Supervisor and is sent to you in the desired format. We only use native transcribers for language transcriptions.

Our online transcription service has the track of customers who have been more than satisfied with our service. Our language transcription rates are transparent and cost-effective in the language transcription industry.

Foreign Language Transcription Rates:

    LanguageRate/audio minuteLanguageRate/audio minute
    Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)$2.30Polish$2.80
    Chinese Traditional$2.30Portuguese (Brazilian)$2.30
    Danish$3.50Portuguese (European)$2.30
    German$2.50Spanish (European)$2.30
    Greek$2.50Spanish (Latin America)$2.30
    Minimum Order Cost $60

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