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Typing Rates

Typing Rates

Typing Rates are a concern for those who try to hire a service provider for the first time. The reason behind it is that most of the companies charge $4 to $15 for a page. When a new customer views an exorbitant price for a simple and straight forward job, they get confused. “Transcription US” comes to your rescue and our typing rates starts from just $1 per page. Although our typing rates are inexpensive, we guarantee accuracy.

Updating a company or a society’s by-laws and preparing training materials require typing services. Publishing a revised version of a book (book typing) or converting a handwritten note into a printed document also calls for typing services. At this juncture one would look for a straight forward typing service that has precision, accuracy and at the same time is cost effective.

Typing rates set by prominent typing service companies are between $4 and $15 per page. Typing Rates per page of $4 to $15 is really overpriced and not accessible to many. A page generally refers to 350 words.

You may also find companies that charge per hour of work. These rates are priced at $25-$40 per hour of typing. The disadvantage with typing rates per hour is that you will not be able to calculate the project cost in advance.

Typing Rates by Transcription US

“Transcription US” was founded in 2013 with a motive to offer transcription, translation and typing services at an affordable price. Hence, our typing rates starts from $1 per page. We have a handful of business companies that use our typing services on a regular basis and we bill them monthly. All our clients are happy with our typing rates and its accuracy.

We invite you to experience our typing service that are accurate and affordable!

Typing Rates
Typing without formatting $1 per page (350 words)
Formatted page typing $2 per page
Book typing $1 per page
Handwritten manual typing $2 per page
  • Things to Remember
Things to Remember
  • Minimum Order Cost $10
  • Output - Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • 5% transaction fee is applicable for all the orders
  • The Turnaround time is calculated from the time payment is made, not from the receipt of the document
  • Price may vary for handwritten manual typing based on the complexity
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