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General Transcription

General transcription is a process by which audio or video recordings are converted into written documents. General transcription is required by a wide range of industries, including legal firms, academic institutions, university students, advertising firms, media houses and small businesses. It is also used in the entertainment industry for creating subtitles and closed captions for films and TV shows.

General transcription professionals listen to audio recordings and type out the words as accurately as possible. Our team use specialized tools such as foot pedals to control playback speed and accuracy checks to ensure that the transcriptions are accurate. The process requires a high level of attention to detail and accuracy in order to ensure that all information is transcribed correctly.

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who can accurately transcribe any type of audio or video in a timely manner. We utilize only the well-trained qualified transcriptionists to process your audio files. Our transcriptionists also have the ability to edit and format text for various purposes such as web content, books, magazines, brochures, newsletters, reports, etc. In addition to providing accurate transcriptions of audio or video recordings, we also offer professional translation services to advertising agencies and media houses.

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How is General Transcription Different from Medical Transcription?

General transcription and medical transcription are two very different types of transcription services. While both involve the process of converting audio or video recordings into written text, the type of content that is transcribed varies significantly between the two.

General transcription is used to convert audio or video recordings into written text for a variety of purposes, such as interviews, lectures, webinars, podcasts, etc. The medical term requirements for general transcription are not as stringent as those for medical transcription.

Medical transcription on the other hand involves transcribing audio recordings from medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. It requires a higher level of knowledge in medical terms since it involves patient information and healthcare records which must be accurately documented in order to ensure patient safety.

Who Uses General Transcription Services?

General transcription services are used by a variety of businesses and individuals to transcribe audio or video recordings into written documents. This can include legal documents, interviews, podcasts, lectures, meetings, conferences, advertisements and more. Corporate companies use general transcription services to a greater extend to convert their recorded conference calls, seminars, executive meetings, employee meetings, board meetings, etc., into readable text version. These services are often used by professionals who need to quickly and accurately transcribe their recordings in order to create written documents for their organizations. Legal firms utilize generation transcription for clients’ testimonials, arguments, and settlements. Insurance industry use general transcription for claims, settlements, and attorneys. Additionally, general transcription services are also used by graduate and doctoral students who need help with their research projects or those who need assistance with transcribing interview audio or video files.

Benefits of Using A General Transcription

General transcription is a professional activity that transcribes audio and video recordings into written documents. Our professionals provide a valuable service to businesses, helping them to accurately capture the content of meetings, interviews, lectures, seminars, and other audio recordings. The benefits of using a general transcription include improved accuracy, better organization of information, faster turnaround times for projects, and cost savings. By outsourcing general transcription task to Transcription US, businesses can ensure that their audio recordings are accurately transcribed into written documents quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the use of a general transcription can help reduce costs associated with in-house transcriptions by eliminating the need for additional staff or equipment.

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General Transcription Features

Expertise Across All Needs

Our expert transcriptionists have the knowledge and experience to handle any type of transcription you require. From podcasts to TV programs and corporate videos, we have a team that is well-versed in all types of transcription needs.

Quality Assured

All our transcriptions are handled by professionals who understand the nuances of transcription accurately so you can be sure that your audio is faithfully transcribed with utmost accuracy. We guarantee quality assurance at every step!

Fast & Affordable Services

Our services are both fast and affordable, so you can be sure that your audio will be transcribed quickly without having to break the bank! We offer affordable general transcription and ensure timely delivery of your transcribed audio.

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Translation Services

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